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Is swinging adultery, Erotik adultery swinging boy to courtship

Some swinger haters seem to be particularly riled by my active involvement in my church community. I figure it is time for me to state my views on this matter.

Is Swinging Adultery

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Are swinging couples committing adultery if all sides consent? Is it still grounds for divorce if things go bad? And I bet it seemed like such a great idea at the time, right? Sure, adultery is technically illegal in more than half the states, but it's rarely prosecuted, and with consent, it really is a nonissue. Divorce is another matter.

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Jesus never even endorsed marriage.

Are swinging couples committing adultery if all sides consent? is it still grounds for divorce if things go bad?

This is a follow-up question:. We can say we love God with mere words and ignore it or we can say we love God with our actions.

If each of our readers and content creators who values this community platform help support its creation and maintenance, The Rapidian can continue to educate and facilitate a conversation around issues for years to come. What he did do was teach his followers about loving their neighbors, and caring more about how we treat our enemies. Ethics and Religion Talk: Self-Awareness.

Create new Request new password. Search this site:. That being said I would also highlight our 1st Principle to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Comments, like all content, are held to The Rapidian standards of civility and open identity as outlined in our Terms of Use and Values Statement. With that in mind, let me take you to two passages--one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. Our faith asks that we see and treat each person as fully human, for me this would speak against anonymous or casual sexual encounters.

Christian swingers?

Please send your questions to [ protected]. Rabbi David J. What is Ethics and Religion Talk? Jesus often saw what was special in folks others thought to be unworthy or outsiders, i. Tell us how you resolved an ethical dilemma and see how members of the Ethics and Religion Talk panel would have handled the same situation.

Adultery and god in the swinging lifestyle

This is a reminder to have grace with folks who live differently than ourselves. All article content on this website, unless otherwise notated, may be redistributed, subject to Creative Commons " Attribution; No Derivatives " unless otherwise noted.

Rachel J. We need your help. Father Kevin Niehoff, O. This column answers questions of Ethics and Religion by submitting them to a multi-faith panel of spiritual leaders in the Grand Rapids area. More recent columns can be found on TheRapidian.

The Rapidian toggle menu. Nonprofits ArtPrize. The choice is yours. We have both been ly married, and un-fulfilled sexually by our partners, and we realize that we can share each other sexually in a mature and open manner, while still being in a very intimate and loving marriage with each other. It will probably shock you. Going outside this model would be to forsake our God. A counter argument within Trinitarian traditions is that our God models for us relational multiplicity, God who is three-in-one, and we are the recipients of this abundant and plentiful love from the Tri-une God.

Some might look at this and see something that may even look more polyamorous.

Men with more wealth, and more land, had more wives. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not hold to these standards. Somehow engaging in the swinger lifestyle to make your marriage work seems like you are using people for your own benefit.

Ethics and religion talk: may a consenting married couple engage in "swinging?"

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Related Articles. It is the only column of its kind. Truth is the the models of marriage reflected the ancient culture they were embedded within.

We’re swingers but now she’s doing it without my consent … is it adultery?

No other news site, religious or otherwise, publishes a similar column. You say you're are a Christian so I can assume you know and respect the Word of God which contains a code of ethics that we are called to live by. Looking to the Bible to find positive scriptural models for polyamory will only leave one feeling frustrated.

About Contact Terms of Use. The Rapidian is made possible thanks to generous support from:. I love God more than my flesh, so with that in mind I ask the religious spokespeople — how do I reconcile that my wife and I will not be sexually satisfied unless we experience the swinging lifestyle, and how can being sexually active with other human beings be so wrong, if we both agree that we allow it in our marriage? I commend you for that!

Ethics and Religion Talk answered a question about four years ago about swingers. Each post contains three or four responses to a reader question from a panel of nine diverse clergy from different religious perspectives, all based in the Grand Rapids area. Ethics and Religion Talk: Cost of Religion.