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Indian ballbusting stories, Erotik Indian hunt ballbusting men stories fucked

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Indian Ballbusting Stories

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An archive of ball busting stories taken from the former site bbstories. By hughgee. I paid for thirty minutes here. She sounded and looked like Fran Drescher, but was more realistically built, having a few actual curves to offer underneath her gray lunchtime female executive suit. They stood opposite each other in the sweltering apartment.

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So I feel that I should punish you by damaging your testicles for this. Question for you, wouldn't a man die from internal bleeding in most of your stories? Monday, 4 January Good Neighbor. Noticed not too many comments on the last one.

Is that ok? Then a moment later she answered the door. He followed her in closing the door behind him then taking his shoes off.

Once at the bottom of the stairs he noticed that they were in a room with no windows and all the walls were red brick. She spoke very good English with a strong Indian accent that he actually found to be a bit of a turn on. I don't want this to be an issue or drag on so I would like to do it this evening.

She had long shining black hair that flowed down her face and just past the shoulder. Once you have recovered from tonight's punishment? Not knowing if he has say one kick to go or fifty adds to his suffering. He felt apprehensive about the punishment but she had a right to ask it of him and he knew she was in the right. Once dressed he put some wax in his hair and some deodorant on then walked over to her house. Clive had spoken to her a few times and helped her get to know the area. There was a fair bit of noise as well which you should have told me about before going ahead with it.

Alesha was a young woman in her mid twenties who had just moved over from India by herself.

Part of him wanted to get off light but he promised himself he would request castration. I find not knowing adds to the desperation of a man who is having his testicles tortured. Ding Dong came a sound from the two toned bell. Today she was wearing a white business shirt with the first few buttons undone and a tight indian skirt that finished a fair bit above the knee. I was planning on have the next story be not so willing so you may want to check back when I have finished that one. He could smell her perfume with was very seductive and her shirt being unbuttoned at the top like that meant he struggled not to stare.

Would like to make one suggestion if you don't mind, write a little about the aftermath of rupturing, what happens ballbusting the man. So I know how to cause them to feel extreme pain while keeping them intact. I love how harsh the punishments are for such modest violations. I have been reading your stories and captions and they are amazing as usual. He looked around and saw the house was newly decorated with a very modern interea.

My preference is for more kicking and to read about the original characters but with such great action the preference is less consequential. He came to the conclusion that she was a small girl and seemed very nice. Lastly could you explain the setting of this fictional world more on how their socity works.

Sorry for not commenting earlier. He wanted to look good for her so he scrubbed his whole body.

You should go and shower then come around in about 30 minutes. Clive turned around and saw her at the fence line. I know it is a concern when they do hernia surgery.

This story is definitely no different. But then again he had seen her wearing some pretty mean looking heels. But for this girl not only stops but stories the punishment more harsh and even cuts off his ppenis. Also maybe write a story where is man is not keen on rupturing but has no choice and is neutered anyway, if you can ballbusting. I would be very grateful for such a story! But could you, please, create several stories where men don't agree with the punishment, don't want to be castrated and ask the girl stop all the time. I have studded the anatomy of the testicles and am trained in torturing them.

Clive walked over to the fence line to speak with Alesha. You have been very kind to me since I moved indian and I consider you to be a friend so I hope you are open to this? As the water sprayed down on him he thought about what exactly she was going to do to the testicles.

He quickly got into the shower and began to clean himself. As they walked into the basement he felt more worry as this girl was clearly very dangerous. It had taken a few days to finish but now it was completed Clive was pleased with how it looked. Thank you for continuing to write.

If you are interested we could talk about testicle torture over diner one night. Everyone if you are reading please comment!! It was a nice day so he had an up beat feeling as he drove. I definitely did not disappear or become disinterested but stopped commenting. I would normally offer you something now but I would like to get started on your testicles if that is ok? She had beautiful ebony skin and a thin body with perc breasts that he would look at when he had the chance.

She walked back into her house and Clive went back into his. After he parked his car he saw his new neighbor, Alesha open her front door. I have worked on the testicles of many men inflicting different levels of damage as required. He was impressed with the quality of the lounge and kitchen with was all open plan.

Clive was driving home from work as he normally did.

The pair stand next to the kitchen and Alesha leans against the breakfast bar resting her bum on it looking at Clive. He had wanted to get closer to her but not like this. Everything you have been posting captions and stories have been outstanding as usual. He followed her though the door then down some steps. So I suppose I will have my testicles tortured very painfully? Don't be shy let me know what you think.

I never knew you had that kind of skill. You are amazing! He was especially happy that his new driveway had been finished by the builders so he could park on it.

I am sorry I did not know it was that disruptive but if you feel I deserve to be punished then of course I will cooperate. He knew he deserved to have his testicles ruptured and kept telling himself he should accept that. She breathed out as if giving a sigh of relief. The she looked at him with her large eyes. And as I said I do not want to tell you any details of your punishment.

Also how do most men avoid being castrated if most wemon do that for minor offensives or is that only some women who do that. Do you mind if I ask what you plan to do to my testicles? He knew he would have to undress strait away so no point dressing well. While in the shower he looked down at his testicles imagining what she was going to do to them and felt worry creep over him.

Thanks for commenting. As he got of the car he heard the sound of her heels on the concrete walking over to him.

Once ready he dried himself and put on some simple trousers with a tee shirt. Your stories are the best BB stories ever! Thanks for the great story! Great story. It is a shame I have not been able to have anyone else over yet so I should get you to come around for diner. You know after you have recovered from your punishment.