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Incest pregnancy stories, Ukrainian story hunt for friend to pregnancy

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Incest Pregnancy Stories

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Half and hour later I had gotten the idea of how men and women had sex. Now you can see why I didn't hate my Dad. Besides being my best friend he introduced me to the wonders of sex. It was dark inside the theater except for the light coming from the huge movie screen up front.

Up on the huge screen was a woman with the biggest pair of boobs I'd ever seen.

Pregnant incest stories

He had gotten her pregnant in high school and was forced into marriage. Suddenly I noticed something about her I'd never seen before. Now pay close attention because it's a one time deal. Do you know why your Dad brought you here? After fourteen years they called it quits because Dad couldn't leave the ladies alone.

Her lips were so tightly stretched trying to get all of him I thought she would get hurt. I was immediately becoming aroused. Now I already knew how to masturbate and she was doing just that.

As I watched they began moving faster and faster and because of the camera angle I could see his penis moving in and out of her. Dad was telling me this is what was called a blow job, something I'd heard of in school. Bev, Mrs.

Anderson's first name, pulled me close and gave me my first lesson in French kissing. As my eyes moved up I saw her shapely calves and then more of her legs all the way to mid thigh where the hem of her dress stopped. She opened the door and asked us inside. Seems he was always screwing one of the neighbor's wives or some woman at work and it wasn't as if Mom didn't story Dad chased around.

Dad said it was time to go because there was another place he wanted to incest me. H-h-hello Mrs. Yes it's my birthday and I'm now thirteen. They were old friends of my folks so I didn't think pregnancy about it. I looked back at the TV and began to compare the breasts of the woman in the movie with those of Mom. Without a doubt Mom was much smaller. As it happened the movie was just starting and had I not been sitting down I would have certainly broken my foot as my mouth opened dropping my jaw.

Not only that but her light summer dress made her look very, well, sexy.

Then her fingers moved and I heard the zipper of my pants and felt her hand inside searching for and finding my now hard erection. That's when I learned how much Dad screwed around and cheated on Mom, but I loved it the whole time. When I say big I mean absolutely huge. Well we got in the car and down the street we went. It was the blue one I liked so much.

I'd heard of some of the adult movies and programs but had never had an interest in them until then.

My but he sure has grown. Dad said he was taking me to the movies while Mom stayed home getting everything ready for my party. Of course I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I soon found out. We were munching popcorn when the show started. When the first scene of a story half naked came on the screen I heard Mom began to fidget. About the only thing that did surprise me was incest just how many women he was having affairs. From three feet away I saw the hard points in the thin material of her dress top and instantly knew it had to be her nipples.

A few weeks back I had snooped and found one of Mom's bras. I sorta cringed thinking how short and thin I was in the same place. I suppose it had something to do with having just come from one of those XXX rated movies but something about her really looked pregnancy. Dad came with us and sat in a corner chair.

Sneaking a sidelong peek I saw her eyes drooping and the hard points of her nipples in the front of her top. At first all I saw were her feet along with the slimness of her ankles.

Try and imagine my shock when we parked in the seeder part of town and walk a couple of blocks stopping in front of an adult theater. As they say the rest is history. Most boys, I suppose, would hate their Fathers for running around and cheating on their mothers, but that isn't the way it was with Dad and me.

I felt myself feeling strange as she slowly came closer and I noticed the nice flair of her hips and the slender waist just above them.

Now it's time you get some experience. Anderson has graciously consented to give you your first lesson. I've already had that special talk with you about the birds and the bees, now it's time you see what sex is all about.

It wasn't long after that she took my cherry and I went from adolescent teenager into the world of being a man and that wasn't the only time my Dad arraigned for me to have sex with a woman. I couldn't help but look at her chest and loved the bouncing of her large breasts as she came still closer.

For the first time I really took a good look at her. Just as before, when I asked where we were going, he said to be patient and wait until we got there. Well before long he pulled out of her mouth, picked her up and shoved her onto the bed.

Making momma pregnant

Anderson had a funny look on her face as she slowly moved away from the door and came closer. Mom was wearing her baby doll nightgown.

I was fifteen when Mom and Dad divorced. Anderson is in her mid thirties and very pretty. As I watched she took just over half of this guy's huge penis into her mouth and was moving her head up and down. I'd known for a long time he was cheating on Mom but I didn't care because of what he taught me on day on my thirteenth birthday.

As usual I lounged in T-shirt and boxer shorts. It was probably, at least then, the best birthday present of my life.

I really haven't grown since you saw me last week. Three blocks from our house Dad pulled into the driveway of the Anderson's. Being early in the day there weren't many people, all men. Heck, he was my best friend and always doing something real neat with me. As our tongues dueled I felt her hand snake between our bodies and begin rubbing the swollen front of my pants. Well I watched with fascination as this huge breasted woman dropped to her knees and quickly began taking this guys penis into her mouth.

The tag said she was a 36C, but the woman in the move was obviously much larger. Now I could see her breasts moving up and pregnancy as her breathing was coming much more quickly. Since having been shown the pleasures of sex I had started paying more attention to Mom and this nightgown really showed her off the best. I asked Dad what movie we were going to see and all he said was wait. I wasn't sure about Mom until I snuck another side long glance.

Even at thirteen I was big for my age and Dad didn't seem to have any trouble getting two tickets. Nothing special, just a few close friends from school. Anderson took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. Now I'd seen my Dad naked before and wished I had something close to what swung between his legs but this guy showed me incest more. The movie couple naturally got around to the so called story of making love, but I think we all know it's pure acting. It wasn't until some hunk of a guy appeared without his shirt I heard her quiet gasp.

‘incest pregnancy’ stories

Several times he slipped his penis up and down at the entrance to her sex, Dad called it her pussy, and then he slid it inside. Bev stripped off my clothes, gave me my first blow job swallowing my entire load then stood to give me a very sexy show as she stripped.

As I became more aroused and nearly to full erection her fingers grasped my penis from outside my pants and her hand moved up and down. Still it was titillating and arousing at least for me. She was lying on her back legs spread wide when he got between them.

‘pregnant’ stories

When she closed the door she didn't follow us but leaned her back against the door. She wasn't just pretty, she was beautiful. So two years later I wasn't surprised when they divorced. A man ed her and it wasn't long before both were buck naked. He had to have been at least four inches longer the Dad and a heck of a lot thicker.