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I turned my boyfriend into a girl, Into boyfriend girl guy for turned

But by the time the discussion escalated to our common childhood spiritual obsessions, it was as if we'd known each other forever. As we got to know each other over the next few weeks — our Scrabble strategies, our opinions on Lady Gaga's merit as an LGBT icon, and even the darkest revenge fantasies we'd ever had — the awkward silences evaporated.

I Turned My Boyfriend Into A Girl

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What is my age: 30
What is my nationaly: Austrian
Sexual identity: Gentleman
What I prefer to drink: Vodka
Music: Hip hop

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Continue this thread. Especially when it's something this big, and you want to be able to share it. I have a habit of hoarding links and stuff, so I might have some of the answers you are looking for, lol :P. I just wanted to say, thanks for sharing your story - sounds like you two make a great couple : Is there any kind of info in specific that you are looking for?

Created Oct 27, Top posts april 30th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top. I guess I just wanted to tell someone what was going on in my life because this is a huge change for me, but to keep it a secret I can't exactly talk to any of my friends.

As of right now, we aren't telling people. I can identify with this statement so much.

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Is there any kind of info in specific that you are looking for? This is a supportive, educational, and safe space for the partners of trans and gender nonconforming individuals. Since I've been informed of him wanting to be a girl, I've put makeup on him and he makes a beautiful woman, let me tell you. I feel as though we're closer than ever and it's great.

Last week we got into a huge fight, but he didn't want to leave and I didn't want him to. So we're talking and he says "ya know those pictures on my phone? Like I know we're gonna lose some people. I think it's possible that you'll go through periods of uncertainty as things move along, but it sounds like you have a lot of empathy and good communication between you, and those are the essential things We are also in that stage where my partner is not out to everybody yet, and I know it can be hard to feel like you're keeping a secret!

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Please read the rules before posting or commenting. My boyfriend of a year and a half is now my girlfriend. This thread has been linked to from another place on reddit. I just wanted to say, thanks for sharing your story - sounds like you two make a great couple :. He had never told anyone before. Reply Share.

We've been looking into hormones and stuff and he wants to start talking to doctors and such. My partner and I have been in the closet for years and there have been times when it's really tough not being able to say anything. His hair is already pretty long, so I get to style it and watch him dress up, and make him look pretty, and he's so much happier and I love it.

We've lived together for over a year of that.

Sharing the past in new relationships

It sounds like this is the beginning of exciting and positive for both of you! I took cosmetology, so I know a lot about looking girl. I never ever expected that to be the big secret. Nobody at all. So thanks for reading and if you have any tips or any good articles to read about the transgender community or anything, please share! Posted by 6 years ago. Now, a couple of months ago I found some pictures of someone in lingerie in his phone, so I asked and he said he probably accidently saved them from a porn site.

The following day we were talking and he said that he secretly liked something "weird". I had never really thought of myself as bisexual or a lesbian or anything, but I know I'll be able to make it work. Found the internet! All are welcome, regardless of your own gender identity. It's quite different for me.


I didn't really think of it as much. I'm so excited for him to finally become the woman that he's always wanted to be. I'll admit that now that we are approaching coming out conversations, the closet feels kind of nice and cozy Yay welcome its nice to hear about a couple on this subreddit doing well right off the bat :D you can always pm me if you have questions or add me to Facebook if you like too :.

Anything really to make things easier on the two of us. If you follow any of the above links, respect the rules of reddit and don't vote. Sort by: best. And for me to stay with someone a year and a half, I definitely had to be happy before. So, I've been dating this guy for a year and a half or so. He isn't ready yet.

I'm the happiest and luckiest person in the world for him to tell me, and I will continue to love him even when he's a full blown her. Just the other day my uncle posted a link about Bruce Jenner and how he's sick and not a woman, maybe if there's ways to better deal with things like that would be helpful too, because at this point I just want to punch all of those closed minded people in the mouth lol.

Tell me i’m wrong about what’s really going on.

I've always been very open; I've even had a crush on girls, so I'm not too worried about what will happen once he goes through the change. The entire time we've been together I've felt as though I was missing an entire part of him that he was hiding from me, and his secrecy and having to hide it from me had caused him to take his anger out on me on many occasions.

I find this forum has been a good outlet for me in the meantime. He's so open with me now, and we're happier than we've been all along.