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How to seduce my friends mom, Mom girl friend seduce especially for How

Since a certain high-profile basketball player just left Cleveland due to a teammate having sex with his mom, it seems like some advice is in order. Ostensibly it was because he wanted to play with his good friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. But we all know the real reason.

How To Seduce My Friends Mom

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Home More advice Sex. I am in love with my best friend's mom. I want to have sex with her. Judging by what you have said, I'm not convinced you love her by any stretch of the imagination :P. Don't do something like this because it could ruin your relationship with your best friend and the chances of ever being in a real relationship with your best friend's mother are very remote.

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He came by the room I was in and started talking to me while sitting one foot away from me.

We had good fun, so I came back over again soon for more of it. While on the way everything seemed normal until she put her hand on my leg.

Later that evening as people start falling asleep and whatnot, she grabs my hand and pulls me into her bedroom. He was sending out the vibes that he was interested and I was flattered. He said yes. See you Friday.

I would travel with her, and stay in hotels with her, so it was the perfect cover. My first threesome!

How to seduce my friends mom

Fortified with some liquor I changed into my fanciest bra and panties and I strolled into his room and asked me if he wanted me. We drive a little ways away, put the seats down in the back, smoked a bowl, listened to Kid Cudi, then we fucked…. That was that, and we acted none too oddly back at the party. He looked pretty young.

Bonus story, she was a lesbian, I was gay, both of us used each other as covers without realizing. I was wearing a very small bathing suit. You may unsubscribe at any time. I have to live with the constant fear that her sons, all of whom I am friends with, will find out.

It worked out well for a summer. YouTube Found on AskReddit. Nothing weird BC she is a smoker and a night owl. Anne had started working out and was looking fit after her last relationship ended…. We continued down the road in a void of silence when she slides her hard up to my belt and starts unbuckling it and unbuttoning my pants. Drank too much, stayed up late. She asked me once if I wanted a blowjob or to be made love to.

13 people on what it was like to have sex with one of their friends’ parents

It lasted maybe like 5 minutes, and after that I was extremely weirded out. We even hooked up a couple more times. Hell, yes. On top of that, one of the only two people besides me that knows about this is sometimes blackmailing me, threatening to blow my cover. Saturday night, bonfire. After the sexy times had ensued, I glanced up at their living-room wall and saw school pictures of a girl I knew not exactly friends, but acquaintances and had been in the school system with since middle school.

Next thing I know, she is out of her seat and on her knees in the floorboard delivering a pretty fantastic blowjob.

I am in love with my friend's mom, how can i seduce her?

When we got back to their place that afternoon my pal decided to have a nap…. I text her and ask if she wants to hang out, she says sure and picks me up in the family minivan. Best thirty seconds ever!!

It was fucking wonderful. One day when I was hanging out with my friend, he actually went out to do a quick errand for his dad.

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After a few minutes she took off her pants and crawled up to where she was straddling. Door locked behind us, we have sex. He kept trying to dunk me. While there I hung out with her and her family whom I had known for ages and commented to her mom whom we will call Anne was looking good. So it was just me and his dad at home. Stood next to me before asking to sit on my lap. We were drinking and having a great time. I made eye contact with her, and she just started making out with me.

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How to seduce friends mom

However, despite all this; was it worth it? Get our newsletter every Friday! Follow Thought Catalog. I vowed to never speak of it again. So that summer I dropped by a little more frequently, and sometimes I happened to come by when my friend was at work or otherwise away and just hung out with Anne.

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It was phenomenal. Her mom would always flirt with me, etc. We were all in the water having a great time—probably 7 or 8 of us—and having a water fight. When that girl broke up with me, I was heartbroken and her mother called me to ask if I was OK and if I wanted to get some coffee. As I lay there I am being flooded with the emotions of excitement, horror, guilt, and pleasure. You're in! I oblige, and on the way back she flat-out asks me if I want a blowjob. At the moment I felt very turned on, especially since he made me feel so comfortable.

A few hangouts later, she used me like her boy-toy for a few months and her husband never found out.