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Yes, you read it correct, we are talking about having sex on your bike. Believe us, there can be nothing more pleasurable than this. The consistent vibrations of the bike makes the experience of sex all the more interesting and satisfying.

How To Have Sex On A Motorcycle

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What's one thing you should never do while having sex?

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Not in public. If a minor happens to cross paths with your escapade, you can actually end up with a sex offender label for the rest of your life. Enjoy some time riding just as a couple. University studies have shown that couples who share their hobby have a happier marriage. A privacy fenced area or a thickly wooded area is preferable to the open road. The final motorcycle sex tip is to try oral on the bike. The charge can range from a ticket to jail time. When it comes to fruition, it can be disappointing if inexperience plays a roll.

Just hit your local motorcycle store and get some bike accessories or gear for your partner. A motorcycle sex tip that might not have crossed your mind is to leave the engine running with the bike in park.

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Even talking and sharing the emotional experience of a ride can put women more in the mood for sex. Some riders love motorcycles because it gives them a short escape from their partner, but riding as couples could have more advantages, including better sex! Exit Newsletter subscription!

And studies have shown that couples who have a positive attitude have a healthier marriage. There is also the benefit of having a common goal toward saving for a bike, gear or a riding holiday, which is a healthy bonding experience.

For a motorcycle enthusiast, the sex experience on a bike is often a fantasy. If you share your major pastime, you will have so much more to share. Rev the engine up and the intensity of sex rises.

Use these tips to make the experience the best it can be without regretting it later. Whether you each ride, or one of you is the dedicated pillion-in-a-million like Mrs MBW, there are many healthy attributes of couples riding.

Get off. The vibration of the engine acts like an over-sized sex toy for both participants. Often, motorcycle sex is thought of as the woman facing the man on the bike.

Sharon and her husband, Brien, not only share a passion for riding, but also Indian motorcycles. Avoid legal issues by choosing to only have motorcycle sex in areas where there is no danger of being viewed by others. With the woman in the front seat leaning over the gas tank, the motion of sex is natural. This gives them easy access to the right male parts. Sharon says being a pillion develops intimacy by constant touching.

Ladies lay on the tank with their feet over the handle bars. Although, if you both have a bike, it can also double costs! The possible positions are not always easy to execute and balance is sometimes a needed piece of the puzzle.

Getting out on the bike and talking at your favourite cafe stop puts you in a more conducive environment for good communication. Sharing a hobby and a ride give you so much more to talk about. This motorcycle sex tip tells men to get off the bike.

Hot tips for sex on bike!

Or book a combined riding holiday. Spread the love.

Try oral. address: Unsubscription Exit. However, be warned that some studies have also shown this can lead to unhealthy such as jealousy. Rev it up. The first motorcycle sex tip is to make sure the area you choose offers the necessary privacy. This motorcycle sex tip tells you to turn the lady around and go doggie style.

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Stand in front of her or even attempt it from behind with the bike on the center stand. Motorbike Writer psychologist Sharon Ledger says sharing your motorcycling passion could lead to more passion in the bedroom. Public nudity is against the law in all states. But even riding on separate bikes is good because it is a mental and emotional build-up to a physical bonding at the end of the ride.

When you ride together, you are sharing focused, quality time.

French English. Sit the lady on the seat facing you controlling the throttle of the bike. Also, modern Bluetooth intercoms allow you to continue to chat while riding, pointing out things you see as you go and discussing issues without arguing. But if you share the same hobby, you can share costs. Riding together can be part of that build-up to a more physical intimacy. Your name: address: Subscription Exit.