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Hot wife ankle bracelet charms meaning, South ankle looking up Hot for hardcore

Anklets are also commonly worn this way by a woman who is interested in an open relationship, a hotwife relationship, or a relationship with other women. History of hotwife bracelets Also known as anklets, or ankle chains, hotwife bracelets were invented long before red carpets appeared and models could show off their extremely long legs with jewelry on their ankles. Indian dancers at that time had a unique type of anklet that would distinguish them from other women.

Hot Wife Ankle Bracelet Charms Meaning

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As a self-confessed sex addict, a monogamous relationship is off the cards. So I would often wear a Hotwife anklet to al my availability to other men. But even in my single life, I found that I had developed a deep attraction with the hot wife anklet and began to develop an enviable collection. What I love about them is their ability to look like a discreet piece of jewellery from afar, but with an ability to reveal sexual desire and kinks on closer inspection. In this dominant guide to the whore wife anklet, I want to provide you with an understanding of this kink as well as some incredible Hotwife anklet inspiration from my own personal porn collection. For those new to the lifestyle, then the concept of a Hotwife may be new to you.

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What inspired The Anklet and other erotic fiction?

January 21, History of Anklets — A brief look at what wearing an anklet means. Notify me of new posts by. Please feel free to comment below! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Others claim women during this time period wore them for a much different reason—as a symbol of enslavement, or possession. What kind of charm? Does it truly mean she is out for a little more than a night on the town?

Then there are some that claim a married woman who wears an anklet by itself really means nothing, and that it is only when a charm is added that the woman is truly indicating she is a hotwife, or looking to have an affair.

Yet, in Western culture and more modern times, wearing an ankle bracelet is a relatively new concept, and one that comes more from medieval times in Europe, where the anklet was again a symbol of slavery.

Tweets by sidneywriter. All Rights Reserved. Of course, anklets are a well-known part of Indian culture, and are commonly worn at Indian weddings, where they represent fertility, femininity, and good health for the stomach and feet. Posted On January 9, You be the judge.

A dominant guide to the hotwife anklet & charm bracelet

This in turn, became a symbol of a woman looking for an affair with another man. Does wearing an ankle bracelet mean something more than a married woman is just wearing a fashionable piece of jewelry? So what does wearing an anklet mean? Again, if you believe what you read, there were periods of rebellion where women chose to wear an anklet to represent the exact opposite: they were hellbent on showing the man who was boss, and married women wore an anklet to indicate they were available.

History of anklets – a brief look at what wearing an anklet means

Do you have something to add about the history of anklets? As it turns out, the history of anklets has been part of hotwife history for quite some time… perhaps even dating back thousands of years ago.

It also comes with a bit of a stereotype… should you believe the folklore. First Name Address.

There are other stories that indicate that anklet bracelets were reserved for only the wealthy, and wearing one indicates that a woman can be bought, for a price. And if you were curious, it does matter which foot the anklet it worn on—married women looking to announce their status as a hotwife most commonly wear it on the right foot.

Notify me of follow-up comments by. Sources include ask. In the land of swinging and hotwives, an anklet is a common symbol indicating a married woman is looking for an adventure with another man other than her husband.