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Hermione granger sex story, I am granger up sex that hermione hustlers

She had approached Percy right after the first week of classes and he had agreed that private lessons with him would be an excellent way to keep her learning at an above average pace. In fact he had seemed a bit too pleased with himself just having her ask.

Hermione Granger Sex Story

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Are you willing? Ginny was impressed just as he had known she would be. Physically however you will be the same, that is your virginity will still be intact — neat trick that one. Ginny seems unfazed but Professor James needed a little time to recover his breath. Young or not, she was definitely ripe for what was about to happen — being a true blooded witch James was not surprised by this but he was gratified none the less.

now! Would you oblige? Ginny was not fazed forcing herself down on the invader as she bucked against his tongue in climax.

Like there — OK? Hermione had other ideas and quickly flashed her wand at his genitalia clearly annunciating the three words. I take it you are not short of time-turners?

I took your advice about Hermione Granger — she will make a fine seductress. Soon she was loving it and was encouraging him to give her his all. Share Story. Sweet, ever so sweet!

The punishment of hermione granger (chapter 3) - sex stories

She dropped to her knees and kissed his huge purple knob which topped a massive shaft — much bigger than it had been the first time. She felt a warm glow as she pulled him out. The ever confident Miss Granger was sure they would find her soon enough. Ginny however has a monumental crush on Harry. She just knew her first time would be all the more pleasurable if it were to be with someone experienced.

For all his experience, teaching and otherwise, James had never known anything quite like it.

And I like you just as you are. James raised an eyebrow. Let me feel your stuff inside me! I am going to lie down and I want you to mount me.

Hermione+granger stories

They ed the others for the dinner and sorting ceremony. He obliged and just as Hermione found the big one he came again. James in turn restored their clothes and handed her what appeared to be a pocket watch. Without instruction she brought her mount near to climax for an age while cuming freely herself more times that she was able to or even cared to count.

James had known that fact before but took a mental note that Granger and the youngest Weasly would need schooled in that art too. No ? Just scream if you want to — remember no one can hear us.

Who told you? Sweet, very sweet!

Hermione Granger. She greedily swallowed the lot.

Be warned! Tonight they were bright and flowery. He gently toppled her onto his bed and nestled his head between her willingly splayed legs licking and sucking at her hairless cunt for all his worth, forcing his finger into her rear just as her had done earlier in the day with Hermione.

Using his powers James made sure no-one saw as he led the young Ginny to his quarters. You can be pretty scary too!

Now fuck me again and tell me more as you do so! In a flash from being pressed against him, his massive erection being buried to the hilt within her she pulled up, forcing him to withdraw only to force his manhood into her rear — all the way and without a murmur before she began to ride again. Breathing nosily through her nose she kept going for an age until and despite himself for he wanted to teach the precocious girl a lesson James had to give in and blew off in her mouth.

Get your wand and point it at my penis. I think you know what I mean — I want you to take my cock into your cunt!

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You must to do that! As they regained their composure. Ginny dropped her robes leaving herself quite naked to his gaze before dropping to her knees and fishing his proud erection out from below his and sucking on it slowly going deeper, sucking and licking and sucking and fondling his balls until she had him in her mouth right to the root. So I came on top, kissed her body all over eating her to a massive climax as I did so and then took her. Hermione screamed right enough but soon feelings other than pain gained the upper hand and she began grinding back at him as he thrust down into her.

The young Weasly girl shows great promise as well — she has a certain aura. Ginny nervously went with him. James noted with interest that Ginny Weasly was sorted into Griffindor house beside her brothers and, of course, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Story Details. Now these clothes are a bit of a nuisance. She had intended bedding Ron before the term was out but if Professor James was willing to school her so much the better.

The punishment of hermione granger (chapter 3)

I note from the aura which you mentioned, strong though it is Giney Weasley is still a virgin. Would you like to become one of my pupils? So if I set it to the time I entered this compartment, none of this will have happened. I fixed her with a look — you know? Remember she is of non-magic stock and, even though she is quite clearly a witch and a very good one at that, it is uncertain whose laws she comes under.

It is set to return us to the time just when you encountered me in the corridor leaving the hall — this time we shall have a few words and you shall continue to your dorm as an intact virgin! Then I used a time-turner to put us back to where we started. Except it has — you and I will both have the memories and retain the experience. A whisper from Hermione on the train or at dinner it was then.

It locked instantly and the blinds came down. If you want to go that is — we can do this all night if you like! His nose confirmed, even from this range, what Minerva had told him, she was an unbroken virgin. Just set it to the time you want to go back to and it will be so.

James asked. I thought Miss Granger on the train this afternoon was about there but you, my dear, definitely topped it! Not at all in fact! Let me explain up front this involves schooling you in many sexual acts — a good seductress achieves her magic by having men — and indeed women — fall at her feet desperate for her sexual favours.

I just want to have intercourse with you. She came with a totality she had never experience before. I hope you were careful with Miss Granger? This she did and she felt the digit press into her rear. Her cunt — not to mention her arse — is soo tight. Sweet, very sweet. Now let me teach you one of the most important spells for a seductress.

Ginny, having once more come with him, climbed off and showed mercy allowing his cock to deflate. While he could do many things he could not teach a girl how to make love to another girl!

She is hot for a Muggle and because of the time-turner it takes nothing out of my schedule to satisfy her! There are limits!!

This will work until you have sex with a boy. She tensed but he broke off the assault on her now soaking pussy to tell her to relax.