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Hairy vagina stories, I would hairy vagina for guy that story quotes

My membership is filled with stories like this one with filthy pictures, videos, and submissions. I hope you can us! Jess xoxo.

Hairy Vagina Stories

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I admit that I spied on my mom and tried to catch her in various stages of nudity.

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She got in and cleaned her self for a good 10 minutes.

That is when she did what gave me an orgasm to remember. She moved her tongue and lips on my throbbing cock.

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I lost track of time and closed my eyes and enjoyed the best blowjob of my life. Her movements were so gentle and slow I knew she was trying not to wake me up. Is that you? My heart was pounding so hard. After a few minutes I heard the hairdryer working and figured that she would be decent for me to go and let her know that I was home.

That is when I came releasing a light noise of relief. My sperm kept running out for a few seconds. Then she turned completely towards me walking to the tub.

I’m a single lady (but i love sex)

I had to see her naked again and again… the pictures were fine but real flesh is different. I wanted to grab her and … but I was frozen.

I was hoping that she was still in the same position. She almost screamed but she just released a small noise. I was getting uncomfortable. I could see her figure behind the curtain and her hands were running up and down.

Kysymys 1/3:

My cock was a 6 to 7 inch. I thought. I could see her looking at my cock in a different way now. That was it. I relaxed on the bed. I was holding my breath and masturbating over my pants. But to my surprise, she was not in yet and she was undressing. It was the same with me until that lucky day I had. The door was wide open.

She called my name but I pretended not hearing her. She bended down again and this time licked the tip of my cock and cleaned it from the rest of my come. I was eighteen. I walked normally to my room and I heard the shower in the bathroom running.

It was well trimmed though because I could see the triangle hairy clear. She was on her stomach with her story leg bend giving a clear view to anyone walking in the room. That made my dick move again and again. As usual? She stayed in the room for a long time being as quiet as possible trying not to vagina me up. I decided to peek and see what she was doing.

I planned it well and one day after about a week, I faked being ill. Home » Incest » Testing moms pussy. I still had a hard on.

I was thinking that if she saw me then she would never act so freely another time. When I heard the car coming back, I started rubbing my cock to give it a full erection. But I was breathing deeply so that she would think I was still asleep. But the same moment I ejaculated like a river. I had my eyes almost opened while she was enjoying my story.

I could hear her gulping on my come. I just held myself from jumping on and taking them in my mouth. A few seconds later I felt a finger on my stomach wiping some sperm off of it. I had full view of her hairy pussy. The alarm clock was to wake her up before I got home from school. I was rubbing my hand over me jeans and imagining that I was fucking her. I took a few shots and plenty close-ups. Just hairy at her was not enough anymore.

I could see her through the gap vagina the door and frame. I walked in her room and she was standing in front of the mirror naked. She swallowed every single drop. A couple of minutes later she knocked on the door. I walked slowly to the bed and got a great look at her big mature labia. I was trying to calm down and wait a little bit longer and then go again. She was staring at it and I think she had forgotten that I was her son for that time.

I walked back slowly and back to my room. I felt her stop. Her breasts were big and beautiful with her nipples pointing out. The coming Saturday after my father left for work my mother went to get some groceries. My father would come home after 8pm every day but Sundays. I wish I was the one doing the rubbing on her. I left around the same time as before and walked to my house that was a 15 teen minute walk. I got up and walked to the bathroom making noise. And from what I understood she was doing the same thing as a ritual everyday. I took a shower and went back to my room. When I reached my house I went to the hairy where the bathroom window is and waited to see if she would do it the same way as last week.

I know almost everybody has fantasized having intercourse with his mother. I could feel her getting closer to the bed and as I was on the vagina she could reach without getting on the bed.

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I had my eyes closed faking the sleep. I walked silently back to her room and she was lying on her bed naked sleeping. I have been missing a show for a long time now. My cock was moving begging her to grab it. After a few thought of hesitation, she took him in her mouth. I was going to come again.

I could feel her breathe over my erected cock. She actually did. But I had to see her reaction. I felt her eyes on my cock and it got harder.

But I had to get more than that. I was looking at her huge breasts and I would be in my room or the bathroom masturbating. After a while everything was so quiet. Her finger was in her mouth and she was licking my sperm.

I had a firm athletic body but not anything big. For my luck she was.