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Gxg dirty imagines, Hostess baby Gxg for imagine dirty pleasures

This is my first erotic imagine where Cara and the reader actually have sex. Please let me know if you spot any grammatical errors or whatnot.

Gxg Dirty Imagines

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I sit next to her pulling the blanket over my lap. I bite my lip watching her please herself.

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Something about watching her touch you this way made the pressure between your thighs even more unbearable than it already was. She could feel her abs began to flex and contract as her orgasm built up deep inside her core.

You grabbed her hands, and she intertwined your fingers while searching your face for a nonverbal answer. Her legs trembled while her face relaxed. You clenched your jaw while screwing the cap back onto the tube before tossing it into your bag. You were now face to face with your own reflection. She sighed softly, watching you with loving eyes. You folded your arms over the countertop for support was her fingers danced down lower, to where you wanted them most.

You pulled your fingers from her slowly before inserting them into your mouth. Her eyes were sad but serious. Her eyes locked on to yours right before the warm wave crashed throughout her body. You stood to your feet, dusting off your knees before looking over at the door. Her legs were trembling as she reached down to pet your hair.

You could feel her fingers expertly pumping in and out of you dirty, and it was driving you wild. Your eyes rolled back into your head as you pushed yourself against her fingers. You squeezed it slightly before leaning it to take a long slow lick, humming as you did so. You Gxg your eyes to see her deep brown ones looking back at you.

She rolled her hips against your face and fingers quicker, moving in a more urgent manner. She pulled the door open and walked inside. Her face had softened as she stood up straight to look you in the eye. The tight black fabric hugged her hips and thighs in a way that made your mouth water.

She circled around it slowly, pulling a quiet moan from you as she did so. You step out of them, spreading your legs as you do so. She wriggles her index fingers between your hip and the imagine of clothing, slowly dragging them down until they fall around your ankles. She could never stay serious for too long, even in a situation like this.

You tugged her jeans down her golden brown legs as she tucked her hair behind her ear, watching enthusiastically.

You curled your toes as she started to repeat the cycle with a quickness. You looked up at her, feeling butterflies in your stomach. She began to wiggle her eyebrows suggestively as you popped the button and pulled to zipper down. She gasped at the new sensation, eyes shooting open to look down at you with an open mouth. Soft hair prickled against you chin causing you to smile. You were reapplying your Fenty lipgloss, not even aware of who walked into the bathroom. She smirked down at you while gripping the countertop.

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You bit your lip gingerly as you watch her through the mirror. She slid her fingers between your folds, picking up your sticky wetness. She groaned deeply as the warmth trickled down her inner thighs and into your hand. Her eyes fluttered shut as you rubbed circles against her clit.

She was right and you knew that. You moaned with content as the familiar taste overtook your taste buds. She looked like a fucking goddess right now. You used your index and middle finger to part her lips, flattening your tongue against her clit as you did so.

Somebody else was playing gently in the background, setting this romantic moment. Hayley placed her glass down on the bar before speed walking after you. Her face had twisted into a slightly pained expression.

Bentdownspoon — always be that// megan thee stallion

Hayley placed her hands on your shoulder, guiding you to stand to face the mirror. Hayley rolled her tongue along her inner cheek, nodding her head as if she agreed with you. You exhaled through your nostrils before letting out a sardonic laugh.

You rolled your eyes, tilting your head down as to say go on. Your hand slithered into her jeans, fingertips being met with the soft black Cotton fabric of her panties. Leaning in closer, you kiss beneath her belly button, slowly going down her lower tummy. It made the feeling of her slowly curling her fingers against your g-spot that much more enjoyable. You glided your tongue between your teeth before exhaling sharply.

Your cheeks were all rosy when he grabbed you by the back of the neck, the same way they were the first time you told her that you into that. Two quick pumps and a long slow curl.

As the chain-smokers esque song died down you stepped away from the boy, saying something to him before setting off in the opposite direction. Hayley wasted no time to kiss you back, taking one of her hands to place on your waist while the other stayed locked in your grip.

It was killing you. Hayley clicked her tongue while shaking her head. Your eyes imagine up to hers. You drug her panties down her legs to meet her jeans before stroking your hands down her inner thighs. Hayley gripped your hair in her hand tightly, panting softly as she did so. Your tongue darted out to meet her clit as your fingers spread in a scissor-like motion. You lean in slowly, placing your lips over hers. She raised her brows with a look of surprise, obviously taken back by this.

She seemed to relax a bit. You could feel her skin prickle dirty your touch. You slowly sink the two fingers inside her, working them in and out slowly, making sure you curl your fingers against Gxg g-spot. Her eyes were half-lidded as she rolled her hips in sync with the trust of your fingers. You began to rub your hand back and forth slowly, smiling as her breath caught in her throat.

She had her eyes closed tightly.

Csi: miami\ny\ncis fanfic

She parted her lips slightly, sliding her warm tongue into your mouth. She drags your flimsy dress up with them, not stopping until her fingers meet the thin waistband of your g-string.

You let your eyes flutter shut as your spare hand found its way to that beautiful soft blonde hair you loved too much. She sank her teeth into her dirty lip, eyeing your hand intently. You hummed with content as she deepened the kiss. The smile on her face had never been so wide. Hayley leans against the counter, looking you over with a cocky smile.

You felt a chill run down your spine as she said these words. She gently nudged your head towards her pussy, and you allowed her to do so. She pulls your dress up to rest on your lower back before dropping her hand to your ass. She bit imagine on her lip, locking the door before waking up Gxg you. She looks you in the eyes through the reflection, all the while snaking her warm hands up your outer thighs.

All she could do was lean against the bar and down her bitter shot of whiskey, watching the two of you intently, Jealousy acting as fuel for her internal flame. The bathroom was clean and empty with the exception of you.

She licks her lips, trying to catch her ragged breath before tucking her hair behind her ear. It felt right to tug it, pulling a deep throaty moan out of Hayley. Originally posted by punksestra. Those beautiful feminine hips twisted and turned all over him the same way they used to be all over her.

She had a brief moment of dejection before realizing what you were about to do. You hummed softly, wrapping your lips around her swollen clit. You licked your lips slowly, winking up at her before looping your index fingers into the hem of her panties.

Your plump lips brushed over the side of his jawline the way they did on her.