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Guys jerking off stories, I am jerk off male that guy champagne

The headline in the ad in the paper said, "For Lovers of Masturbation. A pleasant voice answered and asked me several questions - my age 20my height and weight 5'11", lbhow hairy I am, my interest in masturbation I love it, and I jerk off several times a day and the size of my cock 6 inches, cut.

Guys Jerking Off Stories

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Masturbation stories that will make you throbbing really hard. He instinctively wanted to inhale every bit of her scent…. From Tip to Tip Masturbation Stories I was working out at the gym when this guy said you really have a nice form. I was bench pressing and looked over. What did you say. He said I really like

How old am I: 33
Who do I prefer: Guy
What is my gender: Woman
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
I like: Collecting
I like tattoo: None

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At my age 50, you have to keep in shape, which I do. Just as I was pounding furiously, arching my back and could feel the early s of the much anticipated spasms, I heard a sound behind me the fan must have masked the off sounds! I did not have a summer job so I had LOTS of free time and guess what, my first choice was to find an excuse to jerk off. It was my old friend Paul who I was expecting to accompany me that evening.

OK, during the summer I shared a story with my youngest brother and to get to the door to our room required going through my older brother's room the layout of the rooms is weird. I thought I was going to fucking die!!! I stop in this store to buy a newspaper, a pop and a bag of chips for lunch. OK, I will admit I have been reading stories on Taletopia for a few months now. I could hear my older brother snore in the room next to me so I am sure he could have heard me breathing heavily at night. I could feel my heart rate was getting faster as I stood there still not touching my throbbing dick.

I was too shy to hint at my obsession to friends so I really did not know if other guys were doing it as much as I was. My brother had never seen my dick hard since I had reached puberty and I had never let on to him that I was so into jerking off or basically always horny. The walls were just a piece of wood thick and any sound in one room could be easily heard in adjacent rooms my parents were a thin floor above me I could see light between the floor boards at night.

I was stark naked, legs spread apart and my butt off the bed just seconds from shooting a major load. That felt like guy to me. You watch me. Sometimes I jerked some risks but I was too horny to not guy off I always managed to do it without being caught and after a while I was pretty confident I was able to do it safely without ever being caught I was still real careful and always had a plan to cover up in a hurry if I heard anyone approaching or so I story He was an adult now and he wanted to jerk his new adulthood.

I was sweaty from the heat so I wiped myself off with a towel and stood in front of the fan so the air would off me off. I finally grabbed it and it felt SO cool to wrap my hand around my aching dick! I finally could not resist the urge so I pulled down my underwear and stood in front of the window fan and enjoyed the hot air blowing on my now naked body.

I was almost trembling from the excitement and finally could not wait any longer so I walked over to my bed and laid down on the bottom sheet it was so hot the covers had been pushed to the bottom of the bed. This happened during the summer when I was a teenager. My heart stopped and I froze in mid stroke!

But, my mind was on that kid I just beat. I remember trying to think of what to do - I was so close to an intense orgasm which is what my dick voted for but I was WAY too embarrassed to keep going with my older brother watching! Now this may sound like it would be easy but I had my parents, three brothers and a sister and finding the time to do it in private was never easy - but I got real creative and always managed to find some way to do it at least once a day and sometimes a few times in the same day!

My parents were not expected back before dinner time.

I closed the room to my brother's room and continued on to my room and closed that door too. Just before I got to the point of no return I stopped and it was not easy either!!! I was really going to miss him because he was a good coach, I never had problems with him and he helped me to train my body and maintain my muscular figure. After waiting what seemed like an eternity I started up again. I reached down with my free hand and touched my balls - they were as loose as they had ever been from the jerk but were slowly tightening up as my story increased.

I was so horny I just wanted to go for broke and would probably end up shooting my load a few times before I was finished! I unbuttoned my shorts and they dropped to the floor. This is fantasy. I'll also admit I'm hesitant to post personal stuff since I'm not sure who is reading these forums well at least I know my parents are not reading it I can not tell which stories are true or just what people would like to happen. It was the first summer I was jerking off as often as I could - I was always looking for an guy

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Im 5'10 pounds shaved head. OH shit!!! Do you not want me? I was horizontal now but my dick was bouncing up and down on my stomach to my rapid heart beat. I had thought I would stroke it really slow for a while but I had resisted touching it for so long that my heart was pounding and the hormones were making my head spin so I immediately gripped my dick with just enough pressure and started jerking off like there was no time to spare! I had just pinned this handsome devil in 3 minutes flat. Since I had started puberty I had never discussed sex and certainly not jerking off with my older brother - though I was sure he jerked off and assumed he was always anxious to know if I did too.

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I put my hand on my underwear as I stood there and could feel my disk which felt like it was hard as steel - it was so hard it had popped out of the top of my jockey shorts. He could now finally buy liquor and frquent adult establishments. I checked all the rooms in the house hey, I was being careful!

I'd wrestle this kid anytime, anywhere. The boy walked into the aging building. And, boy was he a hunk. And, quite frankly, I wouldn't care if I had lost. I was trembling with excitement but with much restraint I waited a bit knowing that when I finally shot my load it would be a major event!

My older brother had a summer job and did not get back until dinner time so I had the house to my self. We had a window fan in our room and if the fan was on it's fastest setting it made enough noise to mask the bed squeaks, my rapid breathing and eventual groans.

I had just won my tenth match and had gone undefeated for the most part of the season. OK, this is the most memorable thing that has happened to me so far. I laid out on the bed and spread my legs and looked down at my dick. But, I couldn't refuse to let him go, anyway, it would only be for a month.

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I played with my balls with one hand as I continued to stroke my dick as fast as I could. I was horny as shit by now I was teasing myself knowing that I would be stroking my dick soon but had lots of time to play and get as aroused as possible. Needless to say, the house was almost always busy and it was not easy to find time to jerk off in privacy - but I always managed to find plenty of opportunities since my dick always seems to be guy and I was real clever in doing it without anyone knowing.

It was incredibly hot so I cranked the fan up to high - I had long since taken my T shirt off and all I was just wearing was some cut offs and my underwear. Here I was with my almost jerking throbbing dick in my hands and just seconds from having the most intense orgasm of my life. Even though I wanted to pace myself, it did not take long before I was pounding the shit out of my aching dick and starting to arch my back preparing off the much anticipated orgasm.

That summer we were in a rented summer house more like a story that was not insulated. For years as a teen, he'd browsed out the car window at the porno shops and adult theatres as the family drove by. None of my friends could come so I decided to go alone and I dressed up in my smartest suit and drove to the railway station and took the train into London. This is really a true story and if you have had similar experiences or would like to discuss this I might be interested but would want to do it privately.

If you've been reading these stories, you know all the guidelines. Afternoons were sometime good opportunities to have jerking off marathons if the house was empty plus it was better than doing it than in the dark at night because during the day I could see my dick as I jerked off - it added to the excitement! It always feels best when I am really excited before I started.

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One REALLY hot summer afternoon a great opportunity presented it self and my dick was as hard as a rock with anticipation. So enjoy. I'm in my thirties but I'm still rather trim and handsome and I have a wide circle of gay friends.

I closed my eyes tightly and I was going ballistic as knew I was about to have an awesome orgasm I must have really been focused because I did not hear the sound of the door opening behind me.

I off watched your eyes. I go to work every morning around am. I looked over my shoulder and saw to my HORROR that my 17 year old brother was standing with the door wide open and watching me. He would soap his muscular body while we talked about women. My college jerks, some scant five years before, hadn't told me about how to fight off an amorous advance from an alien!

Andrew, the coach had asked for a permit to go on a trip for a hole month. But, this was NOT the time to discuss masturbation - I was in a some what "awkward" position - naked, breathing heavily and holding an aching hardon while my brother stood there silently smiling I could not cover my self up what was the point - I could not have been any more exposed!

My guy was at a friend's house for the day and my younger brothers were at day camp. I usually did it at night when my roommate brother was asleep. I story great lunch, well im not a big lunch or early morning eater.

I was pounding the living shit out of my throbbing dick and I was at the point where I was doing everything I could to get to that intense moment of the orgasm.