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Gts stories growth, Japaneses Gts story boy for slappers

This contains the story: Taller.

Gts Stories Growth

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Main. List All Users. User Details. Apr 10, by kevinklc. Howdy guys and gals, I've been working on this story for quite some time now. I feel like it has developed quite nicely so far.

What is my age: 31
What is my ethnicity: Finnish
Orientation: I like man
Color of my eyes: Brilliant gray-blue
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My hair: Blond
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Maybe we should put more pepper in the sauce to see if it will be swallowable Laura surpraises Kyle with a sexy outfit but Kyle surprises Laura with a little trick in her drink! Sir Grindalot and the sex crazed pixies are back! When she finds out Roberta has discovered her secret and she is the one to receive the story, she goes mad and she starts plotting her revenge. Unstable growth is a series that started on Patreon where a blond girl has some problems controlling her sudden growth, the first episodes are single shots a bit disconnected but starting from the sixth issue the story deepens and takes form with new interesting characters.

What do you do when sexy giantess aliens are terrorizing the galaxy? While Elena is a bit surprised, both are generally okay with this. Things get complicated when Valerie, the assistant doctor, becomes jealous of the time Dr. Mathews spends with the very sexy and naughty nurse Kylie.

Everybody except for Val, who is burning with jealousy watching Roberta getting taller and taller. Tom and his vegetarian girlfriend Misty have been dating for a while, but Tom can't take much more of Misty's lack of sex drive. In the meantime, she owes a lot of money to Debra and Vanessa, while Tony struggle to keep his business because he is alone and nobody want to the guy who gave their job positions to a girl in first place. Society has totally changed since Attitude was marketed: Gts have now learnt how to manage boys from the heights of their confidence and beauty, and all thanks to this miraculous drink which triggers their growth and allows them to reach their natural inner height limit.

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Things are getting worse for Ric: the more he gets close to Alia, the more he feels sick. Sophie is a short, skinny and flat-chested college student who's always wanted to be taller and have bigger boobs. What kind of sexual fun will Jake and Chloe have with their Kelly clones? This time Kyle and Laura are strangers, Kyle drugs her coffee to bring her home and use her as a guinea pig! Joy doesn't approve his recklessness, especially now that she has realized her love for him, so she decides not to follow.

A Growing World The Family 2 continues the adventures of a normal family in a big growing world where all women have become much larger than men and can grow even bigger!

In this story there will be present growth sequences including height growth, legs growth, breast expansion, ass growth and a little bit of shrinking. Captain Grandessas crew is not your usual pirate crew, they loot, plunder and take sexy female elves as slaves like any other, but they also like to grow, have sex with each other and grow while having sex! Ric has nearly died trying to reach Alia, but he still wants to talk to her no matter the cost. Chris, Rebecca and Jas are trying to jog Jas' memory but encounter an gigantic dog! The beginning of my D.

It took me a long time to actually finish it, the text part was the longest to get into, but I think it turned out ok. One more ZZZ story goes from growth to full on comic! In this final 'Wild Weekend' installment, Elena awakens on her living story floor with a powerful hangover and a mysterious houseguest asleep on the floor next to her. How will they get out of this one? Ariel the troublemaker succeeds in causing the breakup between Sylvia and Ian, while Deli and Rei throw their friendship away Gts of Attitude.

This time around the gang encounters Lady Alainne, a very tall and busty amazon sheriff, and her cute short female elf partner Rae. Lady Alainne is out to make trouble for our heroes! It develops a mini-gts to giantess story in a city scene, it's quite direct, because of the short lenght, and a little spicy too. After two years Something in the Water is back and in illustrated format!

Giantess stories

Remember me. But he can't give up now that he's so close to see her once again Together with Joy, who keeps on growing more and more, Alyssa and the other girls, he continues his journey and his remembrance of the time spent with Alia. A Giantess Growth comic by Bojay! Audrey's plan is working: her beauty treatment is famous and they're working a lot for keeping it going until it can finally profit.

Claire and Eddie continue their growing sex fun while using the Resizer!

Six months have passed since the day of the incident at Kyle's place and many things have changed: Laura has broken up with Kyle and she's performing experiments on her twin cousins; Roberta has lost her leadershi. What makes Ophelia such a desireable and unique Succubus? Power Sauce is the story of Julie, a sexy girl who has a crush on her roommate Carl.

Sugar Pills Part 1 is the first part of a giantess growth comic series, about Sophie and her friend Sasha growing bigger and bigger! Particular care was made for clothes: they will get smaller as the girls grow to new sizes.

Gts this is what happens to our guys in this episode. In the end, Ian finds himself alone with jealousy. Tag: growth. With some mischief in mind Claire invites her sexy friend Elena to the fun, and Elena ends up finding out the hard way that the resizer can story people too! Create new Request new password.

Mouse is about to get a lot less mousy! He gets a visit from his step-sister just when his girlfriend grew 8 feet tall. Misty acceidentally has some growth and things change in a big and growing way! Every month she writes her diary to keep track of her changes. Jake, Chloe, Kelly and the Kelly clones are back!

Two cute hillbilly girls drink jugs of grow juice to get bigger and sexier for their guy! Find out how Bigzilla grew from the simple humble mayors wife to the ravishing, sexy busty and enormous redheaded Bigzilla!

Rebecca can't stop her growth, she will grow as long as she lives.

GTS-Artists Where your giantess fantasies meet art. The sequel to The Resizer is here!

What will Kelly herself do and what is smart Kelly up to who caused all of this? Maxine is often teased by her friends and nicknamed Mouse for her small waif like body and timid personality. How will he handle this situation? Search Search this site:. Even the strongest and oldest relationships may fall apart.

The story of Lynn and Karen continues with Lynn taking some super size revenge on Karen! Giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, breasts growing, ass growing, house destruction, growth during oral, sexual actitivities with mini giantess, timid girl becoming dominant sexy mini giantess, 4 way sex with a giantess!

What happens when you break up with a super hero girlfriend that can grow to giant size? Yeah, this one gets wild. This time little Kelly and big Kelly start to change in a different way, to their opposite size and beyond! Since she's stopped growing, Roberta is no longer the leader and she must face the boldness of Alice, who threatens to steal the scene as well as something else Kyle's potion seems to be the only way to overcome the impasse, but he's not so willing to help her again, especially now that he's living again his love dream with Val.

Life is not tasty.

Short stories

Bryan Mathews has developed a formula that will rid the world of starvation It causes women to grow to giant size, become very aroused and gives them the ability to control their own growth! That's how we get to know about her decision to show up My third short story, first one here though The other two are on my Deviantart.

You call Vaaaance Everhard and the Spaced Hunters! Rebecca, Jas, Chris, Tommy, Mary Sue, and the rest of the cast are back and the story picks up right where it left off!

In this installment of "Wild Weekend" both girls awaken to find they have not completely reverted back to their original heights and shapes, both retaining their curviness. On a lark, she orders some "magic growth pills" from an ad in the back of a magazine And to her surprise, they actually work! This time they outgrow the barn during sex, get into a all girl 3 way and a 4 way, have a run in with the law, then get them involved in some growing sex too!

Set sail with the sexiest and wildest all female crew at sea! Sometime she grows "just" a few feet more, sometime she is taller than a skyscraper! Find out in Bigger Better Clones 2!

Alex and Donna's relationship continues to grow at school The long awaited Farm Grown sequel is here, and the Farmers Daughters are at it again! Goddesszilla 2 - the origin of Bigzilla and continuation of Goddesszilla 1! With growing, shrinking and sex of course! From the Pixie No More art team and set in the same world and 5 s longer than our usual comics!!

Over coffee and breakfast, Bridget helps Elena piece together the evening's activities which included party games, surprise guests, and, of course, more magic brownie adventures.