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Girlfriend diapers me, I would like diaper up girlfriend that like titfuck

I finally told my GF after one and a half years of dating her that I like diapers.

Girlfriend Diapers Me

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A Reddit user is asking for help in dealing with his girlfriend's very weird kink: she buys him diapers and treats him like a baby. Internet - A desperate Reddit user reached out for advice on his relationship. He wanted to know if his girlfriend's very specific kink was normal. Her last request drove him to the internet looking for some guidance. He said that he doesn't want to destroy his two-year relationship but also feels like something is wrong. The problem?

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What should i do about my girlfriend she forced me to wear a diaper on our last road trip?

Make sure you return the favor. When she feels better tonight, we're headed for the movies And perhaps tonight or tomorrow I'll get a chance to diaper her To keep this on topic, I'm working her towards being diapered more than just an overnight - diaper snuggling, etc. It's a two-way street, you know. I think you should start with a talk, and explain to her what an important part of your sex life diapers are. Make sure she's more appreciated than she knows. It's easy to get wrapped up in what she's doing for you, but find out if there's anything special that turns her on.

I've recently got my girlfriend to wear diapers for me.

Luckily she was ok with them and we're happily married now. In addition to that, do something wonderful for her from time to time. It's easy! Now that you've opened up to her about your interest in diapers, has she confessed to any ly secret desires? At least you can get your gf Into diapers, mine hates the idea of them and then just calls me weird :. Although she's been doing it for a few weeks, you can burn her out or completely change how she feels about it if you force her to do something she's not ready to.

Don't pressure her, but have a frank discussion, tell her your desires and encourage her to be completely honest about her thoughts and how much she's comfortable with. Heck, try stories, cuddles, ect And the other is much more obvious. Find out if she's into any ageplay. Be happy you have someone in your life willing to try your dare I say bizarre kink, and continue to make efforts with it. So go slow I would say and like what other people say don't just make it about you show care and affection that she is doing this and that it means a lot to you.

in here. Spot on. The girlfriend concencus on here is gonna be: "Don't push too hard with it, you'll drive her away from it". What can I say to her to get her to at least try it? You diaper to be a member in order to leave a comment. Hope to bring up the topic again, bur I doubt she will give in. I almost hate to say it but my diapers come first.

But other wise everyone basically said it all so good luck mate! This is a great opportunity for the two of you to get closer. If she's willing to wear diapers every time you have had sex for the last three weeks, she's willing to try wetting at least once. She may say no, and you may get frustrated, but it isn't her fault that she's not all that "into" it. Not all girls want to be pampered princesses, but find out if yours would.

Consider yourself very lucky, my girlfriend hated the idea as a whole. She's wearing for you - many people don't get even that far. Bringing this back now. It's one of those rare scenarios where you cant lose. The very worst that can happy is that she is happier. Best idea? She thinks it's awkward, but she's willing to do it. Early in our marriage I brought up diapers for her and she immediately pushed back twice already.

Early on in our relationship I made it a point to make sure my girlfriend was ok with my diaper wearing.

She's been wearing every time we have sex for about three weeks now and I was hoping to take it a little further than just wearing. Just be patient, and maybe ask her a long way down the road I know 3 weeks seems like forever when you're "so close but so far", but it's NOT.

Think at least a few months, as long as it takes for her to be comfortable with the idea. I totally agree with the above advise.

"i'm not sure how to feel about this": man's girlfriend tries to get him to wear diapers

Good luck and go slow, don't push your fetishes on other people and a speed you like, it has to grow at their rate. You need to take what you have an be happy for it. As much as it doesn't feel as girlfriend as you hoped right now, it seems she IS giving a lot for you by wearing diapers. I consider myself extremely lucky, my wife will happily wear and wet for my enjoyment, she doesn't get madly turned on by wearing but says she enjoys the warmth and bulk diaper her legs. You have a fantastic thing going here and if you push it, you're going to lose it, and possibly her altogether.

The very best that can happen is that she is happier AND you get some of your wants met as well. Props to you for talking your gf into it. They have great advice, just make sure she knows its her over diapers! Make sure she still has plenty of time away from them with you around- so it's obvious there's more going on than just your kink.

If she doesn't want to try it then you should just let it go and be happy that you have someone who isn't freaked out by your diapers.

Nevermind that Bella's gel sufficiently that she'll get to experience me stimulating her through a dry diaper The OP and I have the same goal, ultimately. Will be a matter of time. You don't find a lot of girls willing to wear, never mind wear during sex, nevermind wear during sex AND pee in them.

Give back, and she may be willing to eventually take it to that extra step that you want. Diaper sex would be so hot i imagine.

Everyone above that gave advice to you knows whats up! If she's curious about learning more, having her here may be a good idea, or you could link her to some articles or forum posts you think are informative. Edit: Darn- beaten by only seconds!

Then, when she DOES engage, she'll be more likely to go farther because she's doing it more for you Spoken as a man who's been diapered since last night Of course, since although my wife is encouraging me to enjoy myself working at home today, through the weekend, etc. Sorry if this isn't the advice you want to hear, but it's the best advice I can give for such a question. Already have an ? Take good care of her, she clearly accepts you for who you are, and as long as you are good to her, she'll keep wearing for you.

Told my girlfriend about loving diapers

Next time you're about to get sexual and she goes for a diaper, stop her and say "no, this time let's just have this be about me and you! Sent from my SM-T using Tapatalk. It's been almost a year since I asked you guys this, but I didn't actually get around to reading your replies until now. Forcing the issue is just going to make tension in the relationship leading to a possible breakup. I've never told another girl, really Keep it from doing this by only peppering diapers into sex unless she likes the feelingand diapers into life.

Can anyone help me to change her mind? I'd like her to wet for me, but she's extremely reluctant to even consider it. Again, balance.