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Giantess fart story, I'm giantess femme that stories phish

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Giantess Fart Story

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Frisk may had some those things to her but this was a very large overreaction, but in all honesty all she wanted was another excuse to let herself go a bit. Frisk tried to break in any fresh air but all their was around them was more gas. The last fart.

But now she was done messing around…now it was time to fart…. Toriel smirked as she moved her hips back and then swung them towards Frisk, giving them a booty bump that sent them flying across the city. This silent but deadly was true to its name, but was obviously more deadly than silent. Right now they were in a small alley laying down, recovering a bit. In fact that magic had made Frisk fully invincible, making them able to survive just about anything conceivable thing, so to test that Toriel let them fall.

Frisk saw as her ass began to engulf countless cities, towns, people, everything in its wake before reaching them. Unfortunately for them Toriel decided to story by picking them up. But all great things must come to an end, after a full 5 minutes the fart ended, a good majority of the planet was completely wrecked from her giga sized butt bomb and Toriel just sat there, proud of her work.

It was only 4 seconds in and Frisk could already feel their determination draining. Another excuse to cause a wee bit of chaos with her goddess like powers. Once more Frisk tried to move but to no avail, their body just seemed to be out of it at this giantess. They could hear the slow rumbling coming from her insides, ready to explode all fart them.

There was a large crater with two large cheek shapes near the middle, but directly in the middle was Frisk, who was groaning in agony from what they had been through, it hurt to even attempt to move from out of the crater. Birthday gift for Meme-man Brainy.

Bustygoatmomma — a big payback

Even the air outside of the house was starting to become polluted from the horrifying stench. It felt like their insides were burning, like lava was being shoved up their nose and down their throat it was so terrible. So fart of the ask tags work, none of the giantess tags, vore tags, futa tags, etc. I could normal sized but it would take a loooong story, which is why when I decide to I always turn giant so I can eat it up like a platter on a dish or lick it off the ground like a lollipop. It can erase memories, bring giantess back to the way it was.

Frisk gulped as they saw the two building sized asscheeks close up once more before she brought her hand between her asscheeks, cupping it right up against her asshole. Cracks formed in parts of the Earth, the winds reaching the ocean which made multiple tidal waves. To her it seemed like the average poot, but to Frisk it felt like a hurricane of gas was completely obliterating their house.

Their eyes watered and stung from the prolonged exposure, the smell was actually fucking with their brain now, causing them to hallucinate slightly by seeing images and figures that were actually there. The windows shattered, their floors shook, the wallpaper peeled from the toxic stench that penetrated the air. The next fart surprised Frisk in a different way than before.

Might as well put it out of its misery. Some of you may not think I can actually grow that large so to those who may think that…. From me to you.

Anonymous asked: How much do Toriel do body expansion growth breasts and ass and hips and giantess growth? Anonymous asked: Could you eat a whole city?

And I only got a small whiff of it. So here she is about to show Peach…a much larger peach. Toriel gave a small giggle in response, obviously loving the position of power she was in right now. Anonymous asked: When you grow so big that our universe is the size of about a tennis ball, have you ever tried fitting as much as you could inside your pussy? Like, either at normal size or giant?

She rip ones like that at her normal size if she tried really giantess. Frisk wanted to run, but their body was frozen in place in fear. Random shapes, wacky colors, even figures of some other human with a giant ass and similar clothing popped into their hallucinations, but for some reason they really liked that last one.

But then again… I can always… Get Bigger. This story contains farts, very destructive farts, farting torture, a very big giantess, and a mention of scat. Alright now that the initial warning is done its time for the next one. Now they were stuck under her ass, the hundreds of millions of tons of ass pinning them down. Frisk was still having to let out more gas than usual due to their absurdly large meal from then. The sky above her started turning green from the amount of gas she was releasing, the story continent that they were on could hear the bass heavy ripper that Toriel had unleashed upon the world.

Her fart was basically a gas chamber for them, leaving them there to breath in nothing but gas. The only difference was this time she had a disciple who would know her power, and they were under their ass, weeping, and dry heaving, and probably wishing they were dead right now.

To sum it up…this was a bit overkill, and Toriel knew it. Anyone caught in the blast only heard a sharp ringing in their ears before being overtaken by the gusting winds of her fart. Sometimes you need to exceed to multiverses and omniverse and beyond to get some real action. I almost feel bad. And why are you so big?

It was almost making this whole experience worth it just for that kiss. No more gas. The stench emitting from the source of her gas seemed worse than her actual farts, Frisk was coughing, trying to pry open her fingers but they were locked together tightly.

Frisk felt their knees get a bit week at the sudden shift in attitude, they had never seen Toriel so angry before.

The nude giantess just sat their and laughed at the tiny human under them, ready to unleash her next hellish blast upon them and anyone unlucky enough to be nearby. Thank you and goodbye! At 12 seconds the fart finally ended. Everyone had a instantaneous death but Frisk once more was held up by her magic. Frisk felt what an apocalypse level force felt like point blank.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But did she really eat all of those who went missing? Posts Go on, ask you goddess something. But with all this destruction there was Toriel, who was just happily sitting their, ing in relief. It felt like a nuclear bomb had dropped on them, exploding right on their face, and that was fairly accurate. Frisk leaped out of bed and looked out their window, curios to see who or what was calling their name.

One last fart. Does anyone know how to fix this? Submit a post Archive. The powerful winds blew the smell all over, causing it to kill entire rain forests with the unholy scent. Anonymous asked: 11 feet tall. They felt an impact that was equal to a nuclear explosion at the very least. So it was fair to say Toriel was just a little pissed.

Frisk felt the ground underneath them start to crater inwards from the unholy force, making way for the hellish stench to hit them next. You l give me the motivation to actual do this stuff and make these stories even though this is only my second story that take me too long to make. W-where have you been!

See this in the app Show more. Frisk said confidently, finally away from that crazy goat.

One day you unexpectedly shrink and have to survive around some (rather gassy) giantesses.

There are some that worked but those are from when I first started the blog. They began gagging, choking, throwing up due to the absolutely terrifying stench of the fart. I find it extremely entertaining to make my breasts and bottom bigger and bigger.

Luckily the city began evacuating to help save the rest of the citizens, usually Toriel would stop them but her focus was on one thing.