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The authors are giving away these books so you can try out their writing for free without feeling guilty.

Free Lesbian Romance Novels

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I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, my brother's girlfriend.

Special values

The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a girl--especially when that girl is her best friend, Baker. Luciana is sadistic, but Belladonna is the woman who truly haunts her. My Brother's Girlfriend by katy G. Words: 78, Published: February 13, It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Words: 12, Published: October 14, by Lanie Dills Publishing. You were supposed to be just like the rest. Published: April 19, Hot Lesbian Romance: What happens in a Yoga class brings these two girls together in the least expected way Elle Collier Price: Free!

8 great places to find free lesbian fiction online (without resorting to piracy)

Published: July 3, Incarnate Seven, a cybernetically enhanced woman with no memories and only a basic operating system, awakens to a devastated world painted in blood, desperation, and genocide. She scans the audience, looking bored.

The Second Sister by Rae D. Magdon Series: AmendyrBook 1.

Words: 1, Published: April 20, This is the story of two lesbians living in the city of roses, Portland, OR. They ;ove in. But when her dark practices make her the prime suspect in a brutal murder investigation, she's forced to turn to others for help. Molly and the islanders soon realize they may have misjudged her.

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Words: 5, Published: June 15, I must really be horny, to be sitting here fantasizing about the keynote speaker. She wants to drive along the oak-lined streets of Louisiana and lie on the hot sand of Florida's beaches. I wasn't supposed to hurt him. Words: 38, Published: June 5, When Penny unknowingly meets a young Liechtenstein princess, she finds herself falling hard for more than just her German accent. You weren't supposed to be special.

She marries Scott, the son of a Southern Baptist minister.

80+ free lesbian books for you to read

What interest would a hotshot like Dr. Hausman have in you? When the Stars Sang by Caren J. Words: 95, Published: March 5, When Kathleen Halloran returns to Little Sister Island nearly twenty-five years after her brother drowned there, her arrival stirs unwelcome memories for the islanders. Published: April 10, Steampunk lesbian space pirates! Happiest Christmas by Elena C. Torrisi Price: Free! Words: 13, Published: July 16, Words: 97, Published: January 27, Seventeen-year-old Hannah wants to spend her senior year of high school going to football games and Mardi Gras parties.

Mandy Blackwood is a product of a strict upbringing in a church steeped in taboos against almost everything, but especially against homosexuality. But what will they do when they realize they might want to be more?

However, Mandy unexpectedly encounters her true destiny and struggles with the implications. I can't take my eyes off her. Perfect for those who enjoyed the Firefly television series. To compete with the new threat and to keep her man, Kai devises a deliciously devious plan, but it takes an unexpected turn when she falls hard for Alana.

Lesbian fiction - other ebooks

Words: 75, Published: March 31, by Desert Palm Press. Newest Bestsellers Most Downlo. Words: 4, Published: March 28, For people who like very soft romances: read the whole series now! Velvet by Lisabet Sarai Price: Free! Forced to be a servant after her father dies, How will she stop an ancient sorcerer's curse and save her country?

Words: 50, Published: June 9, by Evernight. Ask it above. Lola Guntram is used to being an outcast. Words Published: 20,, Books Published:Free Books: 88, Books on sale: 8, Switch to new interface. Finally she concludes, and sits down.

For a moment, I have this bizarre notion that she's staring at me. One giant secret. For a while, just being friends seems to be enough. Seven must traverse the perilous Gateway region, fighting past its savage inhabitants and monsters to learn who she was and what happened to her world. Ellie is forced to live at Baxstresse Manor with her two new stepsisters. Dream on, girl. Words: 17, Published: February 16, But what happens when she falls for his sister? Price: Free! Five best friends.

She's the only blood witch in Fort Rosser, mistrusted by other witches and happier working solo. Molly Cooper is determined to protect the island from this offlander. She wants to spend every night making memories with her friends.

75 best lesbian romance novels to read

Five women. Words: 67, Published: May 30, Kai Edwards has a big problem when Todd Daniels' best friend, Alana Brooks, moves to Chicago and straight into the middle of their perfect life. Words:Language: English. Mandy and Scott, unable to have children, adopt a baby boy and are seemingly happy.