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Forced fem sex stories, Japaneses sex Forced male fem pleasures

In just a few years, he made his way from ambitious college graduate to savvy junior manager. His seemingly effortless rise in position was met with both admiration and envy by his peers. It seemed like nothing, and no one, would be able to stop the enterprising entrepreneur.

Forced Fem Sex Stories

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Sarah makes me clean up the "mess" I've made Log In Up. Explore New Story.

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I wish I was that man who got transformed into a woman. There's hundreds of feminization stories and sissification novels available! How exciting is that! We have found that Our stories have become favorites of so many of our girls. I always wanted more.

Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, these stories delve into the transformation of the lives of the sissy who rises up from her prior masculine self. They may make you feel relaxed, calm, tranquil, and serene. Load More Comments. And the first time i ever tried a panty on i just fell in love with feeling. So put on your favorite lingerie, mix yourself your favorite cocktail and dive into your favorites - from humiliation to true life stories of transformation!

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Forced teen feminization

You poor thing. A hot tub is just so damn nice. True life forced feminization stories. These stories will help you realize your predicament. True Stories. Notify of. Feel free to leave feedback on the site itself or through sissify if you want to. It would be lovely to see the photos of her in he r corset with her 18 inch waste.

Erotic stories

Good sissy reading is a good tool for futher feminization and sissyfication to please your Mistress. Every sissy requires strict training if she is expected to properly serve a Superior.

The Hypno Slut. Olga Ann. Reply to priscillar 2 years ago. The House selling sissies?

‘forced feminization’ stories

Inline Feedbacks. Bad Girls. She Caught Me! Trust Me. Just Business. Would love your thoughts, please comment. How lovely and enchanting.

During this time i started wearing panties. Through the decades, We've been able to curate one of the largest, and most erotic collection on the 'net here at the House of Sissify.

Letter to the Staff. This sissy has to confess……. Why, that's slavery! Feminization Stories - Categorized for Our Amusement. You are going to send to. Took me about … ».

Forced feminization stories

So put on your favorite lingerie, mix yourself your favorite cocktail and dive into your favorite sissification stories - from humiliation to true life stories of transformation! It felt like s. Tiffany xo. True life stories of forced feminization.

True life forced feminization stories.

Subscribe Notify of new follow-up comments new replies to my comments Please to comment 23 Comments newest oldest most voted Inline Feedbacks View all comments nikki 6 months ago nikki knows she will love these stories. Stories of Superiors exercising complete complete control over the will of sissy's like you. Let's start with a few of Our favorite sissy stories! During my time soaking i used to play with my little clitty and cum…….

Stories you won't find anywhere else, curated and written for the House. It's been your dream since you can remember - and there is nothing like a feminization story to dive you into your sissy fantasies.

A special thanks to all the international sissies for their translation skills! The conversion of Armand into Anne is a wonderful story. Mind Control.

This sissy remembers when s. After reading the story Conditioned, I got hooked right away. Oh yum!

‘forced feminisation’ stories

I know I'm happier now by far, but that isn't up to me any more. But the time s. Many thanks for the well written story love Prisicillar.