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Flr domestic discipline, I'd like Flr for chica that disciplines domestic

Today I wanted to discuss our female-led relationship more.

Flr Domestic Discipline

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By SpankoMookSeptember 13, in Relationships. And Hope you guys can give your opinion on which category best fit our relationship. I end up getting an very thorough spanking. Beside spankings we function as a regular couple. We make decisions together we both have an Equal say on decisions that are made in our house we both make about the same amount of money so there really no H. I agree, labels aren't important, but if you want one from a seasoned veteran in the lifestyleI'd label this more Domestic Discipline than a female led relationship.

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Lion may know other husbands who are punished without realizing it. However, I asked her to take charge. I think more and more people are converting to FLR relationships. Lion to have a strong voice.

Flr and domestic discipline were my idea

In: Domestic disciplineFemale led relationship with discipline. Sometimes a chastity device is locked over the penis to assure he will only have authorized ejaculations. We have no notion of wifely punishments in our society. The men may not get spanked, but the women make all the decisions. Lion is absolutely effective as my disciplinary wife. Lion to make all the decisions. I suspect the least interesting subject would be how to spank a man. Lion made an offhand comment about our female led relationship that may puzzle some of our readers.

Worshipping your wife & worshipping your wife 2

Men like to read about that. It prevents erection and masturbation. The last thing she wants is for me to regress into a little boy. There is an inherent parental aspect of domestic discipline.

Punishment and discipline. lesson 33

I believe that there are more marriages and relationships like ours than are known. Why do I get to say how I want Mrs. Lion to operate?

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. I just said that I thought they were very important to our relationship. Maybe some of what we have to say is helpful. Related Posts.

It would be far more useful for women in disciplinary relationships to share how they do it and how they feel about it. The practice of one spouse Mrs. Lion in our case being in charge and spanking her spouse for punishment when needed.

She knows how to deliver a meaningful spanking. We are a rare breed.

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I imagine she might want to share with other women how she feels about my request to punish me for annoying her. Domestic Discipline.

The same is true of Male Chastity. A device that locks around the penis.

A domestic disciplined boyfriend. all about the spankings and punishments and our life of domestic discipline.

All rights reserved. I asked her to lock me in a Chastity Device A device that locks around the penis.

Post: Snoozing and Snuggling. She said in a recent post :. Did I get this right, Mrs. Lion — I never thought of it that way, but I guess so. The same is true of Male Chastity The practice of controlling when a man gets to ejaculate. A lot of men, including me, express thoughts on the subject.

Male chastity, submission, testing limits

Lest it goes by unnoticed, I just said that I asked Mrs. Lion to be in charge. Lion — Difficult indeed!! So until Lion is ready, we wait. Next Post: A Weenie Drive-by.

Striving to live each day in a passionate courtship marriage

It would be suffocating to both of us if it were. That seems to be difficult.

When I did, I explained those two wants. Most discussions of the subject are centered around the punishments themselves. The practice of controlling when a man gets to ejaculate.

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I want her to insist I correct the behavior that upsets her. The more important information is how to structure a healthy, loving marriage around explicit female authority. Blogs like ours offer discussions of how we practice it. If the sex Mrs. Lion seeks was for her, there would be no problem. I also want her to let me know if she wants something. I realize that the power dynamic that gets me punished can best be described as maternal.