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Fifty shades of grey fanfiction ana cheats, Ana like fanfiction shade who cheats Fifty

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Fanfiction Ana Cheats

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. In New York Eva Cross is that person seeking answers as she has just had everything she took as fact turned upside down and she no longer knows who she is. Anastasia Steele, 24, trying to create her own identity away from her complicated family after years of trauma.

Years: 30
Ethnic: Danish
Orientation: Man
Gender: I am girl
Color of my hair: I have long scraggly chestnut hair
I speak: English
What is my hobbies: Painting

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And I was right. As I continue to stand there and look at her my anger starts to dissipate and it gives way to shame and hurt. I grab her wrists and twist them over her head. You may have blinded him, but I see you for exactly what you are: nothing but a gold digging, money hungry, manipulative whore!

She only struggles for a moment before she kisses me back. I pull her into my arms and let her know that she did absolutely nothing wrong. To show her just one inkling of the pain that she has put me through over the last ten years. I was also afraid of Elena. This is the Ana I remember. I am actually very appalled. I gently cup her chin and bring her face up to look at me with those captivating icy blue eyes. His eyebrows fly up in surprise. I have my Ana back and I will never let her slip through my fingers again.

You know that.

Fifty shades of betrayal

Is this all you came to tell me? I open my mouth to tell her exactly how I feel when I hear a knock on my bedroom door.

In that moment I realize how badly I want to hurt her. It is strong and almost crippling as I look at Ana. She is the reason my heart beats. What the fuck does Elena want? But, as I saw all those year ago, this girl makes me do idiotic things. You never told me.

My scared girl. She was very upset.

I will make my proper amends with Leila tomorrow morning. I think about that day, ten years ago when she ripped my heart out of my chest.

Ana and christian dating fanfic

I stroke her face. Kate will be worried. I sigh. Then it hits me. I stand there completely appalled. Ana releases her hair and Elena stands. Ana looks as if she is going to be sick. How dare you come back here after you ripped his heart out and act like things are alright?

It is so fast I would swear it never happened, but seeing Elena stumble and fall and the red mark on the side of her face is proof positive that Ana just bitch slapped her.

I see movement to my right and look to see that Ana is now standing right next to me with her purse in hand. Once she is gone I turn on Ana who is looking down at her knotted hands with a shameful look on her face. I have been hurt by this beautiful creature in my bed and now I want some fucking answers. You are commenting using your Google. I am a Dom now. She puts her hands on my shoulders and just as I am about to straddle her legs, she pushes me, rather roughly, off of her.

My feelings for you are different. We could have discussed this over the phone. You violated the contract Christian. You have never been a cheater.

I care for her yes, but there is something else there too, but what is it? You are not to sleep around while you are otherwise involved. I missed you. What do I feel for her? I fall back into the old pattern with her so easily. Now, do you understand me?!

I really need to get a background check done on Ana as soon as possible. I have my own subs that she procures for me and we are also in business together. Before she can answer I take her mouth in a surprised kiss. And after we worked so hard to block her out.

Outside of that we are just friends. I usher Ana to the breakfast bar and make her sit before I turn to Elena.

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I look over at Mrs. Jones who has a startled look on her face. As I look at her all I want to do is take her upstairs to my playroom, chain her to my bed, flog her and fuck her until she begs me to stop. That emotion that I thought I would never feel and that no one could return to me because Elena says that it is for fools, but there it is.

How the fuck could she do this to me? I just talked to Leila. I take her purse and throw it in the room and close the door.

This is just a few fun fan fictions that i came up with. i just decided to take a new spin on the fifty shades of grey trilogy. (i do not own any of the characters. the original story and all ideas belong to e. l. james).

And then I grabbed her hair. She said she saw you with a girl wrapped around your waist in the elevator and then you dismissed her. Well that no longer matters. She was my best fucking friend! Shame because I am just now realizing the way I treated Leila. But now that I look back on it that bitch has some serious issues if she was threatened by a thirteen year old girl.

She just glares at Ana for a moment, but when Ana yanks on her hair she reluctantly nods. You deserved everything that you just got. I flop Ana down on the bed and watch her as she struggles to right herself and watches me. I was there and I needed you. The things she said to me that day in the park made me never want to see her face again. I frown, but she smiles and I know she is teasing me.

I look back at Ana and she has a stony expression on her face. Does everyone in this damn apartment have bad fucking timing?! She glances over at Ana and then looks back at me.

You got closer to me than I ever allowed anyone to. I need my phone. Did you find out he was rich and come running? We might as well get this over with. Yet, here you are, sinking your little claws back into him. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Fuck Ana. You were my best friend. Smart woman. We were friends! My only friend. I feel like Stephen. She took it with her all those years ago. I am not the same scared little thirteen year old that a grown thirty year old woman bullied in the park.