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Female led family, Female baby hunting for led especially for families

As opposed to how relationships are generally perceived — a female-led relationship FLR is not only a breath of fresh air for women and men hoping to redefine themselves but also a growing theme among young couples. Though still frowned upon by society in some ways, this role reversal in relationships is growing in popularity rapidly among both men and women. But what is all the buzz really about?

Female Led Family

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I'm a man in my 40s, living with my wife and 19 year old daughter. For those that are not aware, a female-led household is one where the women are seen as the leaders and in charge and the male is the submissive one. I am naturally submissive and my wife and daughter are naturally dominant. As my daughter got older, it was obvious she was also very dominant and she slowly started being given more authority and it turned into a female-led household. Mostly she just ass me chores that need to be completed and decides on punishments when I do something wrong. I am willing to open up about it and have respectful conversation.

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What is a female-led relationship?

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12 rules of the female led marriage

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