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Eyes wide shut daughter kidnapped, Host shut picking wide to kidnapped

A Manhattan doctor embarks on a bizarre, night-long odyssey after his wife's admission of unfulfilled longing. Alice Harford : I do love you and you know there is something very important we need to do as soon as possible. Bill Harford : What's that?

Eyes Wide Shut Daughter Kidnapped

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Because of the film's controversy, original NC versions of the film have been released in the United States.

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What do his non-friends call him?

Contrastingly, Ziegler later reveals that he is furious with Bill for attending the event. This woman, of course, represents the two models that flirt with Bill and all but offer him sex. Consider that Bill sees the man in the grey mask up above, on the balcony—just as he originally saw Nick elevated up onstage playing the piano.

We first see him, as ly stated, nodding cordially to Bill; we next see him calmly escorting a woman over to Bill, apparently encouraging her to have sex with him.

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There is, however, a character that Bill recognizes at the Ziegler party and exchanges cordial greetings with: the piano player, Nick Nightingale. Bill has reimagined his wife as a prostitute.

We should be asking whom at the Ziegler party the man represents. As with Mandy, we have to find the reason for his punishment in the Ziegler party, not the orgy.

In 'eyes wide shut' stanley kubrick captured horrors of jeffrey epstein era

You may be wondering, for example, about the identity of the mysterious man in the flat grey mask who appears twice at the orgy—most prominently in a drawn-out zoom shot in which he and Bill appear to recognize one another. I saved the best for last.

You must be logged in to post a comment. This is because only through an understanding of the symbolism can we piece together the disted plot. Although Kubrick films the bathroom scene in a low-key, casual tone, the situation is horrific.

Bills daughter is the key to this movie

The fact that he projects Alice and Mandy as the same person in the orgy shows that he perceives uncomfortable similarities between the lifestyles of the two women. This claim works on all levels.

What we should be asking is: What does Mandy do at the Ziegler party that would lead her to being killed, and how is that projected by Bill into the orgy scene? Loading Comments This is not a farfetched speculation. I suppose, then, that, in the end, my analysis ultimately is a conspiracy theory.

When Nick and Bill talk during the party, Nick makes a strange remark during their greetings. We can fill in the last symbolic gap, therefore, by realizing that at the orgy, Mandy represents herself during the redemption scene— but Alice prior to that. And this problem is solved immediately by realizing that it was Nick who procured Mandy, who in turn embarrassed Ziegler by overdosing and necessitating outside help.

To recap it: Ziegler, a married man of tremendous wealth, has a drugged, naked prostitute lying unconscious in his own bathroom while he throws a house party.

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The two characters are simply not compatible. For Part 1, go here. They act in their own sexual interests, oblivious to the control being exerted on them from the elite.

But if Nick is only playing piano at the event, why would his presence be needed elsewhere? Fortunately, what Kubrick hides in the party sequence, he reveals in the orgy. Or… is she?

Eyes wide shut

Last section. But now the plot hole: we also see the man in the mask bring a woman to Bill at the orgy, while Nick does no such thing at the party. It also appears, given the words of the man in the red cloak during the orgy, that after the bathroom scene Bill feared for his own safety as well. Ziegler is already represented by the man in the red cloak flanked by two men in blue—a representation of his money.

He reimagines her distress as a melodramatic, intentional intervention on her part.