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Erotic little sister stories, Stories girl pick guy little for Erotic

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Erotic Little Sister Stories

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I cried out and rubbed my sore cheek. I slipped off my gloves as I crept up the dark stairs to my room. This is incest! That is utterly mean of him. My cheek was stinging from the pain and it brought tears to my right eye. I gazed at him with wide eyes as his other hand traveled across my tummy, massaging it. Don hurled me into the room so that I collided heavily with the edge of his dresser. Then his hand slipped into the waistband of my skirt and he commenced yanking the rest of my blouse out of it, tucking it behind my back.

I am therefore not the average teenager who dresses in the latest fashions; nor do I hang around burger ts with the guys.

I was having another asthma attack and my frail body was shaking. I think you have a real nice body under all that dopey shit but you go to lengths to hide it. It was a chilly November night and I had put on white, thick cotton, high-necked blouse that had ruffles down the front and a long, ankle-length pleated dark blue skirt. Don, my elder brother, and I were therefore closer to our nanny than our own parents.

My foot just lifted a little before it got stuck in the frilly hem.

‘little sister’ stories

Everything was a blur. His eyes were on my breasts. He either laughs at my style of wardrobe or pokes fun at me when he catches me reading the bible. This was the form of my schooling for five years. I was lifted off my feet and half-carried, half-dragged along the hall. I could make out the white contours of his shorts whenever the flaps opened a little when he moved his legs.

Why have you been hiding these glorious pups? I shook my head and stared at him pleadingly.

I rose shakily to my feet and stared at him with shock. His eyes are always on my chest. He reached out real quickly and gave such a backhanded slap that my face blew to side. I try to hide them by wearing loose shirts or heavy sweaters, but I think he suspects that they are a lot bigger than I make them out to be.

He is not only arrogant and snobbish but I think that he has developed a mean streak, too. My face was on fire. My head swam and I could hardly see. I cried out with shock as I was drawn against him. Any other man who had ill intent on his mind would have simply thrown me over my own bed. My parents are away again.

Little sister

I had problems breathing. I have never been like that struck before and the pain was unbearable. You can imagine the red marks they left on my cheeks! He slapped my face suddenly and I slammed back against the dresser with shock. He gave me another slap, much, much harder than before and it brought tears to my eyes. At an early age I discovered religion and the peace and harmony it gave me. Since it was rather cold I was also wearing a big, black woolen sweater and leather gloves. He gave me an evil grin and released my throat.

Little sister

I took a frightened little back. The room was lit and I could see that it was indeed my big brute of a brother. Prove me wrong, sis. Sister Judith, my friend and mentor, has helped me greatly in this department. But Don is a foot and a half taller than me and very strong. I took a small step forward and shook my fist at him. His mouth was open in shock. She has been with me since I ed the story and has been a tower of strength these last two years.

I gasped and panted as I tried to fend him sister. I have a figure and a full-rounded, C cup bust. Before I knew it he had slipped his hands under the high collar of my blouse. Breath was expelled from my lungs and I cried out with pain. An idea formed in my head and it gave me new strength. Numerous buttons sailed across his room. Look at those tits! Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind.

Then he took a step towards me. My father was usually away for extended periods; my mother preferred to circulate with her erotic class, prissy acquaintances than to spend time with her children.

Little tara

When we were in our early teens the nanny was sacked and we were left to our own resources. I struggled and tried to kick out at him but the long skirt prevented me from getting a good swing.

This is the only favor I asked my parents for—-I did not want to go to just any old school —I wanted a private school, one that was run by nuns. Are you nuts or something? I clicked on the light and tossed the gloves on the dresser and pulled the black sweater over my head. It gives me the creeps and I am forced to tug my knees up under my chin. For extra warmth I had put on a frilly slip-like petticoat, one that was longer than the skirt so that the ruffled, lacy hem hung out from below it.

I want to see you naked! To begin with, my family is filthy rich. It was Don and no other.

I closed the door and left. He was shaking me about like a rag doll. Don turned into a normal teen yet I took a different path. I kicked out with my feet and screamed bloody murder but the man had the strength of a gorilla. On my slender frame they look bigger than they are, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that except to hide them as much as possible.

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I folded my hands pleadingly and begged him to let me go. The clothes were actually quite comfortable, a lot more than tight jeans and a school jersey would ever be. I snarled at him angrily. I dress myself in conservative clothes, wear lots of baggy sweaters and long peasant-style skirts that camouflage my body. His hands were as big as frying pans. He clamped one hand around my small throat and I immediately went limp.

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I just graduated and am thinking of becoming a missionary, perhaps in Africa or South America. God, he wanted to rape me! He came at me then and sank his two beefy hands around my throat.