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Emma Frost was an icecrotch hooker. You know, like a firecrotch, only Emma liked ice caves, and that's usually where she did people.

Emma Frost Stripper

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Maybe I just answered my own quesion. More recently, she did appear in the cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men in a splendid version where she gets to be aloof, bitchy, posh and mysteriously helpful to a bunch of untrusting X-Men, which sums her character arc up beautifully. Meanwhile in the movie X-Men First Class, she appears played by January Jones in a quite dreadfully written part that goes through the motions of Emma Frost, but never gives her a chance to do much more than model the outfit. Oh, the outfit. I have a problem with the outfit. Huntress baring her midriff breaks her character.

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In an early issue of Generation X, we learned that she had a sister, but it was not until Generation X 24 that we actually learned how Emma Frost got to where she was, in a story written by Scott Lobdell The issue ends with Emma Frost striking up a bargain with Dark Beast they never really seemed to do much with that relationship. She did a really good job with the issue, by the way.

It's a fine read. By Brian Cronin Published May 31, Share Share Tweet 0.

for an archive of all the editions of The Abandoned An' Forsaked. One thing the Bollers series did, also, was to change Emma's original hair color for whatever reason.

Here is Emma's new origin Xavier wipes this meeting out of Emma Frost's memory which is what Emma actually did at the end of Generation X -1 to Banshee, who she met at the time. Related Topics Comics Comic News.

His writing has been featured at ESPN. Feel free to e-mail me at bcronin comicbookresources.

Emma frost

D'Orazio stuck with that. If you have a suggestion for a future edition of Abandoned an' Forsaked, drop me a line at bcronin comicbookresources.

InChristopher Yost re-retconned the mental institution part of Emma's origin BACK into her history thanks to commenter Michael for the head's up I p current Emma Frost writer Brian Michael Bendis now has the freedom to pretty much pick whichever version of her origin he wants to use if he ever wants to look back at her past. He features legends about entertainment and sports at his website, Legends Revealed.