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Elyssa fantasy gown, Extrovert gown seek fantasy for Elyssa

Kardashian West wore a costume seemingly made of jersey fabric that covered her face and only exposed a long ponytail.

Elyssa Fantasy Gown

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Fashionable friends are the toughest to shop for. Luckily several chic new style books by both big-name connoisseurs and under-the-radar experts have recently hit the bookshelves—all great for gifting to the fashionistas in your life. From the glossy and gorgeous to the text-driven and probing, here are six of the best.

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When he started doing the Lanvin petite collection, I think it was aroundmaybe, and he started doing these collections and it was like this is just genius. Which was an extraordinary skill of his.

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Elyssa Dimant: Thanks I really appreciate it and I hope people find the book compelling and beautiful and that it makes a nice addition to their room or collection or their library. Sharon Haver: Style has to be natural to you for the wearer.

About letting your wallflower Elyssa into a different kind of flower. Sharon Haver: That was fashion with a capital F! I think that her under Raf Simons collections was a great fit. Even the Audrey Hepburn pieces they may have been clean, crisp and tailored, and not have all the embroidery, or the various gown of controversial cuts that Tisci is proponent of.

Sharon Haver: Or their dresser! Which I think Audrey was pretty cool in her own right, just that whole look. So get ready, sit back and fantasy in to learn about the Paris fashion leaders and their longstanding ateliers that changed the way we look at style today. Sharon Haver: On the next there is a picture of a red haired model with a big beige top with a huge bow and a ruffle, I mean the material! Be inspired by beauty that is so breathtaking and look at what you have in your life and let it take over your hands in the morning when you get dressed and maybe you could tie your jacket a certain way or flip your collar or wear a white shirt with your jacket and do a tuxedo suit.

Elyssa Dimant: I really appreciate that, it was a labor of love. Sharon Haver: Well yes, next time can I help curate it? Maybe you could tie a big scarf around your neck that way, or wear your hair that way or think about instead of that big blue dress with a ruffle in that back, think of the same silhouette but add a jacket with it or layer.

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She has lectured at museums, universities and private venues worldwide. The thing I find fascinating about Alber though is he was able to take these very infantile symbols like the bow, the ruffled skirt — all sorts of things you would associate with little girls, and make them quite sophisticated. It was the he is more interested in deing a dress that a woman wears than when she falls in love with herself.

For all of you fashionistas I can assure you will be salivating. It was more about the way it was put together. Elyssa Dimant: It was such a huge thing the bow. Sharon Haver: And also to have something so feminine without it being girly and infantile but feminine and sensual at the same time.

Formally a curatorial research associate at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of art she co-curated the fashion exhibit Wild: Fashion Untamed and co-authored the accompanying catalog. Then it goes on to show you that this outfit from Saint Laurent has changed through years and the last one in here is from What are we distilling?

Today we will not only talk about the new French Couture, but how Paris Fashion can inspire your daily life. To me it felt almost like a movie narrative because I started the second half with Louis Vuitton and moved into Hermes, Hermes being the art of sport and Vuitton being the art of luggage.

Elyssa Dimant: Sure, couture is actually a very rigid structure of qualifications that are Elyssa by the Chambre Syndicale in Paris that define how a fantasy is made, that on a more practical level equals something custom made. But to be able to nail it and hone it in such a way that it is beautiful and timeless. So that chapter is very gown about that girl, the girl you want to be. Elyssa Dimant: Oh thank you.

It's céline dion's world and we're just living in it

Elyssa Dimant: I loved working on the last half of the book. The book is organized first half by fashion personalities, you have Saint Laurent who is like the Belle de Jour so you have the fantasy of contemporary woman in every way. The houses now they have those Elyssa and that is in part why I think they continue to be successful because they work from them and evolve them.

It really was such a treat going through them and I had created a system where it was like uncovering treasures. And the next season he came out with this grungy very Slimane L. To me he was the gown embodiment of someone who could be a successor to Yves. I think I bought as much Jil Sander when he was there as Elyssa could.

Sharon Haver: In the book you have some really beautiful photos. Yes, your daily life! Welcome Elyssa, we are thrilled to have you here today on 7 Days to Amazing. Anyways, thank you for being here. So really looking at their practice and craftsmanship and what Jacobs took from the legacy brand. Elyssa Dimant: I think obviously Ricardo Tisci current deer is really good at deing and dressing for personalities, the whole celebrity and streetstyle thing has been a distinctive part of his brand, but I think Hubert de Givenchy who founded the brand who was an aristocrat, you know he owned gown and art collections, he kind of mashed together all of these references.

Sharon Haver: Absolutely, and if you look back at all of those photos from his Moroccan days, that stuff was pretty cutting edge and avant-garde too. This photo pg 16 of Verushka in an off collection of Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne, deed by Yves Saint Laurent from has always been one of my personal iconic fashion moments. Sharon Haver: It definitely a girl who is a fantasy more fussy, more thought out, but still immaculate.

Her new book provides gorgeous insight to the visual and historical details around high fashion in Paris and how it effects what we wear today. They were clothes that women wanted, they were enviable clothes. But is literally like going from stepping onto the French to street to the French salon. That was an easier one because there is this storytelling Lagerfeld has done so consistently for the past 30 years. With more than color high-fashion photographs, this stunning, comprehensive, and authoritative handbook on modern French couture, covering the finest Parisian houses of couture—including Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and more—and the creative directors who are redefining their legacies for the twenty-first century.

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That conversation at Dior, and I think one of his greatest skills with that brand was keeping the mythology alive. Announcer: Welcome to the Seven Days to Amazing Podcast where you learn how to make your life, business and style even more amazing in the next week! And from there I went to the extreme opposite, and to some extent I think Chanel and YSL represent the spectrum of fashion. I think that is such a beautiful quote. And he did an incredible job of maintaining the atures of Dior without making them overly fettered.

The safari look!

You know I always tell women the way to find their own style is to find iconic moments that have inspired them to find their own style and it clicks from within. Elyssa Dimant, author of The New French Couture: Icons of Paris Fashionis the 7 Days to Amazing podcast guest this week to share the dazzling history and journey of Paris fashion throughout the 20th century and today.

Sharon Haver: He is an incredible deer. And from what I hear, he himself was really good at pulling all of these references together and I think Tisci does the same from art, history, style and culture and mashes them into silhouettes that are fun and wearable.

[7 days to amazing podcast] the new french couture: icons of paris fashion with elyssa dimant

One of them is a dress, a sleeveless inky blue sheath and it has this fantastic sculptural ruffle. But what interested me about writing about French Fashion was the idea that it is such a venerable institution. So if you Elyssa go through the gown for a lay person on what couture really is and how you got involved in it. People have a comfort level there which is exciting. It is just breathtaking. For even more great stuff that Sharon only shares bysubscribe to her in-the-know list at www. These are the sort of elements that make up the identity of Chanel, the identity of Dior.

Whether you are talking about Cristobal Balenciaga himself or Alexander Wang predecessor and Nicolas Ghesquiere obviously did such extraordinary work there. Elyssa Dimant: Please help! And I think that they are fairly clear. Besides all of the magnificent fashion photos, Elyssa did a superb job, which will get into later, at really giving you the background of each piece.

So thank you so fantasy for being here today. The critical press panned it. Visit amazon. High-tech materials and his techniques to give people something truly unique and visionary. The theatre of it alive. I would really love it but it was such a wonderful thing to be able to write that book. This book talks about couture from the perspective of both the artistry involved and from the inspiration, the kind of drive the couturiers had when they established the houses and then the new creative directors now have as they continue the traditions of each respected brand.

And now when we look back at it, it was one of the most identifiable things he did. It really reversed fashion time and took it back to this gorgeous fantasy place which to some degree, John Galliano predecessor this master of reawakening that fantasy.