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Duck dodgers fanfiction, I'd duck seeking chica who fanfiction whisperyacht

This is a sex story based on the episode "talent show a go go" from the cartoon "duck dodgers " where we see what happens when lady zorga is so horny for duck dodgersshe dominates him. Bolt came closer and inspected the spot where dodger's paw had been. This story was all about dodger and his new companion.

Duck Dodgers Fanfiction

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Sinestro : Really?

Although, it's been eerily similar. Dodgers : Yeah, sounds good to me.

All of which led to the unusual situation of the main character filling the role of both The Hero and The Millstoneas nearly half the situations to be resolved were directly Dodgers' fault to begin with. Sinestro : There may even be a place for someone like you in my new reality.

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Ozmo: A father is worth one hundred schoolmasters. Cookies help us deliver our services.

X wipes away tear Oh, father How many lives must that accursed film claim? Views Read View source View history. forces with me Dodgers : Okay.

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Dodgers: And it hasn't been the same without you. The series aired on Cartoon Network.

Moderation Log Edit Social Profiles. Despite its short shelf life three seasons of 13 episodes eachthis show managed to gain a widespread and devoted fanbase, largely for pulling off exactly what more ambitious attempts at modernising the Looney Tunes could not: Convey their distinctive brand of, well, looniness into an entirely different genre.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Dodgers : Oh, wait, you had the whole hero-villain seduction speech worked up, didn't'cha? Namespaces Discussion. Sinestro : Don't be such a sanctimonious fool! More information OK. menu Personal tools English Create Log in.

It hasn't been the same without you. Motto: "No surrender, no prisoners, no kiddin'.

Duck Dodgers also had several cameos by established Looney Tunes stars with appropriate science fiction trappings Wile E. Coyote played a very obvious Predator Homage in one episodeoften using them to lampoon or satirize the very genre they were portraying in classic Looney Tunes style. You don't realise the - did you say "okay"? Ground floor of the new cosmic order, baby!

Cadet: I was hoping to invite you back to the Protectorate.