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Dragon age inquisition the great blackmail hunt, Erotica great searching the to age

From: Approaching ladies in waiting, or Ambassador Briala in ballroom, after talking with the Occult Advisor in ballroom cutscene. It is the completion part of Throwing away money sidequest.

Dragon Age Inquisition The Great Blackmail Hunt

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The Inquisition is there ostensibly to warn Empress Celene that her life is in danger, but you have to get close to her to do it. Complicating matters are the Orlesian Civil War, in which Grand-Duke Gaspard's forces and Empress Celene's forces are fighting for control of the Empire and the fact that nothing in the Orlesian Court can be done without playing the Grand Game, about which I'll say more later. While there are parts of this quest I'm not fond of, overall it is fun, and at the end, you get to dance with your love interest in a romantic turn around the balcony.

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Once you climb up this trellis, you will be in a restricted area. You will enter into a cutscene with none other than Celene's occult advisor Morrigan another familiar face from Dragon Age: Origins. Use this Halla Statue to open the locked door on the opposite side of the balcony. If you're ready to move on with this main story mission, make sure you have 30 Power and then head to the War Table. It hasn't always happened, but just in case, you can always save exploring this East wing of the library for after.

There are two men talking over to the West near a locked door that you can eavesdrop on. These statues open magically sealed doors throughout the palace.

Search the balcony to the Southeast to find a Halla Statue and a secret. Then head back up and head out the door to the East to check out this wing of the library for some more loot and secrets and then boot it out of there. There will be one or two doors you won't be able to open because there just aren't enough statues to open them all. Then get ready to get thrown straight into "The Game". If you don't make it back to the ballroom after a three bell rings, you will lose some massive approval.

Make sure you head into your inventory and equip your armor and stuff. As soon as your talk with Gaspard is over, you will want to head over to a corner by a fountain in order to find a ring using your search function. After eavesdropping, go talk to them.

Either way, when you exit out of the East Wing of the library, head to the Vestibule and click on the Ballroom door. You'll be in your formal attire which won't provide you with much defense in this area and for the first time in this mission you will have to engage some enemies. Afterwards, head back to the vestibule to talk to Leliana. Leliana tells you to check out the guest wing. This is the last time I'm going to remind you to do this. In addition, you'll be mashing the search function throughout this entire mission.

First, head up the stairs on the left. Just be "politically correct" here.

You can also search a planter up here for a key. Agree with them about supporting the Mages or Templars and one of them will agree to become an agent of the Inquisition. He was your ticket into this party.

Entering halamshiral

You will get a tutorial on how to eavesdrop on conversations. Next, head up the stairs on the right. A noblewoman standing nearby has lost it. As soon as you enter the servants' quarters, you will come upon two dead elves and a cutscene. Head into the kitchen and jump up onto the table to get another Halla Statue. Make your way to a balcony off the guest wing and use your search function to find a package hiding from Briala's agents.

Finally, enter the middle door on the balcony to get into the Grand Library. Head into the gardens and you will get another cutscene. Select "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts". Just note that not all sealed Halla doors in the castle will be able to be opened.

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Then, head over to the Guest Wing. Use the search function upstairs to find a Halla Statue. Up here is another Halla Statue and a caprice coin. Before you head there, make your way out to the garden. First, head over to the Hall of Heroes and eavesdrop on some Elves and search for a caprice coin.

Find and talk to Duke Germain. That way, if you make some wrong decisions later, then you can easily return to a save without having to replay much. She's taken a key off a Tevinter agent that tried to attack her and tells you to go and check out the servants' quarters.

Some stairs will now open and you can head down and collect some loot. Make sure you are also constantly searching for caprice coins, scandalous secrets, and conversations that you can eavesdrop in on. Your advisors strongly believe that this is where the assassination attempt on Celene's life will occur.

When you find them, you can toss them in a fountain in the garden later on for approval. Do not warn Celene about the possible assassin here.

A complete guide to wicked eyes and wicked hearts in dragon age: inquisition

While in restricted areas, your approval will decay at a slow by steady rate. Whenever you inquisitor says "Hmm These secrets can later be traded into Leliana inside the palace for approval. When you're ready to move on, enter the door to the south to enter the Grand Ballroom. Depending on your starting race and class, you will begin this mission with different approval levels. Next to the fountain, you will find a trellis you can climb up. There are 10 statues to find for the Herd of Stone Halla quest. Now, head to the servant's quarters and you will be ed by your party members.

After the fight, head to the very North of the map and there will be some stairs to head up to a balcony.

8. dragon age: inquisition story walkthrough - wicked eyes and wicked hearts

However, once the statue is used, it can't be used to open another door. Just get used to it. Searching more in this room will also reveal a caprice coin. Now, it's finally time to head into the palace. However, if for some reason your approval does dip to 0 you will be ejected from the party and fail the mission.

Approval can be lost by not saying the appropriate things to nobles in conversations or by exploring restricted areas of the palace. Heading out to the garden you will get a cutscene with a trio of Celene's ladies-in-waiting. You can just run through here and exit out to get the door unlocked to come back in whenever you want.

Also in this area, there is the fountain for throwing your caprice coins into. He likes being asked questions for approval. The key opens the locked door right downstairs.

Return this ring to her and you will gain "Approval" with the court. Stuff is happening in the servant's quarters. Go unlock the door and use your search function in this room to find some scandalous secrets. So when in these areas, make sure you get in and get out. There are 30 secrets in all to find to turn into Leliana for the Great Blackmail Hunt quest, but it is definitely not required to finish this quest. Finishing this quest does give you a super boost to court approval if you need it, as well as XP and influence for the Inquisition.

Get a letter from the desk and then get the veilfire. After talking to them, explore the garden. Afterwards, you will be attacked by some Venatori.

You will get a cutscene where you are introduced and you will need to walk towards Celene. Each door requires a different of statues to open. Make sure you are saving often and saving in different slots. Also, talk to the Council of Herald's vassal and tell him you think Phillipe is a jerk.


These are the same as eavesdropping on conversations except you find them by constantly using your search function whenever you are running around the palace. You'll be in the vestibule area and can talk to your party members and eavesdrop on some conversations. As soon as you enter, you'll get a cutscene with Josephine.

There are 15 caprice coins scattered around the palace for the Throwing Money Away quest.

Overview and approval rating system

You really don't need to worry about this as you will have more than enough opportunities to gain approval with the court. When you get close to Celene, you will enter another cutscene. Make sure you are stocked up on potions before moving on with the mission and then select your party. Right now, use this Halla Statue to open the sealed Halla door right below you. Before you enter the palace, there are a couple of more things you should do in this area. In the Northwest corner of the library, check out the bookshelf to open a secret room directly to the North.