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Domestic discipline maintenance, I am maintenance men who Domestic bites

While we mostly think of spanking in marriage as being for punishing an offensein many marriage is also gets used as a form of training the wife in discipline and submission.

Domestic Discipline Maintenance

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My husband thinks I should be spanked at least once a week for maintenance in addition to any spankings that I get as punishment. We believe a maintenance spanking is a moderate spanking given once a week as a reminder to behave. I know different couples use maintenance spankings differently, such as to keep your pain tolerance up. I was given a maintenance spanking just the other day.

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It just happens. It struck me during a spanking hee hee, a little spanking humor. Mike complied.

It felt good to just acquiesce and accept. I had to grit my teeth and squirmed a bit as they were starting to really hurt. Then it was my turn to spank Kayla with the tawse, and again, Mike used the belt and we alternated smacks on our ased cheek. Sometimes reminders DO have to be spankings! The three of us sat down. No of puzzlement or distress. Mike then took the belt and told me to discipline in position as I had ten coming from him since I failed to spank Kayla hard enough the first time.

I see her as a young woman who can hold her own and who knows who she is, domestic she wants, and how to get it. I ended up a crying, sobbing mess. No need to question. Pre-DD Jenny just threw up a little in her mouth. Like last time, Mike had two chairs arranged facing the chair he would sit in. With my mind on thoughts of last ThursdayI was looking forward to what Mike maintenance say next.

He then said that was enough. Now give her 10 more and make it count. We knew what it was about.

He struck me about six or seven times, a couple more than normal for a Maintenance, and a bit harder than usual. It was Maintenance Sunday and our plan was to have a normal evening and start our Immersion in the morning. I no longer have a need for validation every step of the way, for I am here, no more steps, and my validation is that I am happier and more secure as a wife, mom, and person than I have ever been.

A time to talk about our collective relationship sconnect and bond in some dedicated triad discussion time.

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I know it because I once read a study about it. Very striped and very red and soon purple. It will be ten, but ten on each cheek, and the cheek you are striking better be more red than the one I am doing or we will repeat this. Mike gave a Maintenance spanking using the cane. The once awkward and sullen wallflower now exudes a confident, shining personality and inner beauty. Neither Kayla nor I asked what that was about. The red marks were clear. It just happens!

By this point it was really hurting and my increased whimpering turned into tears. The result is my submissive mindset is now a bit more passive. It is comfortable, it is automatic, it is a reflex. I only need and desire obedience and submission.

More domestic discipline

And these efforts compelled me to want to share my journey and project my joy on to others via my writing. I was being punished because I earned the punishment, not because I was submissive. That sounds subtle, but that was huge for me. I was already feeling it a few weeks prior to Immersion. Yeah, sometimes change just for the sake of change, is good. I need to see clear evidence that she was spanked or you get more from me. Hey, at least I admit it. Just acceptance. Kayla gave me ten and boy did they count.

It was very erotic in a way that we have never experienced before — Kayla and I simply following every sexual request made by Mike. Not just the last strokes, but all of them.

How school and things were going for Kayla, what our collective thoughts were on Matt, nudism, you name it. It felt good to see that in her. Although, I do recall reading somewhere that forcing your brain to make new connections does have positive effects on brain function and well-being. It was about his Dominance and our submission.

I felt equally fulfilled, but just different. Butt out.

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It connotes a level of acceptance that is void of resistance or effort. It just is! That all just feels soooo different to me. I took my 20 — 10 on each cheek — and my butt was stinging. Instead of handing Kayla his belt, he went and got the tawse and handed it to Kayla. If you read that post, you know that it was more than just discussion. Well pre-DD Jenny, you only wish you were as fulfilled, happy, optimistic, excited, and energized about life as I am.

The ins and outs of my journey with my husband into our domestic discipline lifestyle!

I can only repeat it in various forms — I fully accepted the spanking as a consequence of my actions, not as a result of my submission. In looking back, I credit my submissive mindset to the fact I no longer was trying to process why he was doing this. And my butt looked as you would expect. Lastly, Kayla has grown tremendously.

A great age for a lot of personal growth and maturity, with or without my influences. It was simply a consequence of my actions, and not a part of making me feel submissive. Maybe eight or nine months?

Happy to submit

She had just turned 22 when she moved in with us, and will be 24 in a few months. I was taught to pursue my passion and love life, every moment, every day. But there are benefits to mixing things up. It was a pretty monumental cry.

I thought perhaps this would be how each of our Thursday sessions would begin. Not curious about why Mike conducted them the way that he did, but about what is in store for future sessions. This feels so good! Next: My submission becomes His Dominance.

So there, it must be true if I recall reading it somewhere! I had this need to just stay away from it all. So this writing funk I mentioned two posts back.

I simply accepted it, just as I accepted the sex play last Thursday. I thought it added credibility to a plausible statement.

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That meant another Mike asked me if I wanted to talk about it. It has been a long time since I have spanked Kayla. I worry about her and want to make sure she is being fulfilled, both in her relationship with me and with Mike, as well as feeling good about herself.

It also included actively guiding Kayla on her journey. Very nice discussion, but not as nice as what led up to it! Actively looking for validation — little mental markers or milestones as evidence that I was on the right path.

It was totally unexpected, but totally fun!

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Only s of obedience and submission. And, if it takes any extra spankings beyond the first 10 for you to achieve my desired result, I will be adding it to the spankings I will administer to both of you. Kayla, same thing.