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Diaper slave story, Fatties diaper look up guy for slave

It happened on a cold Autumn day, in his apartment.

Diaper Slave Story

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Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories. Did I really do this to myself? Is Madam L. And I knew that the answer to both of those questions was a resounding "Yes". I had no idea what time it was for there were no clocks in the dungeon. There were also no windows so I would not even be able to tell when dawn arrived.

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My sexual orientation: Hetero
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After a good minute of scrubbing, she dried my hands with one of her big, white, cotton towels, and then to my consternation, started pulling my T-shirt up and off of me. I stood in the threshold hesitating after she went out. I recognized them as the Doran sisters, but luckily they didn't look our way. When I was living in New Jersey, we had a next door neighbor by the name of Mrs. She was a typical woman of the time with a husband that worked in the city and a house to mind.

She splashed it over my face and torso and washed the suds away until my skin glistened like a newly waxed car.

And then two girls I knew came into view. I suddenly felt like a kid as she sat me down in the warm water and loomed over me with a washcloth. I ogled them both greedily. They crinkled and made me feel slightly less comfortable as they enclosed me. I couldn't believe how quickly this visit was turning bad.

Diaper slave stories

Looper sat down at that point and watched me eat. That thought made me nervous again. She had me stand as she helped me into them one leg at a time. She sat me down on one of the chrome and padded vinyl chairs at the kitchen table as she took a large bowl of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer and then added a big slice of vanilla icing cake and set them in front of me.

Becoming their diaper slave

But why was she doing this? I noticed the diaper could be seen under the pajamas and the plastic pants made noise when I walked! Being clean wasn't such a bad rule. She seemed delighted by my struggles and discomfort.

I felt a deep sweeping embarrassment now not only because I was in a diaper being lead around by my neighbor, but also because I had never felt this vulnerable with a stranger before. But my nerves increased when she led me into a room that had a bed with stuffed animals on it.

No, I couldn't face that. As we arrived at the back fence I cowered. After this she had me stand up as she worked my buttocks, belly and penis over. She seemed to be going out of her way to put me on display!

Then I went right in for a clump of cake. But they couldn't as long as I was here in her house. Would she tell my mother she was forced to put me in diapers because of my own fault? She brought me to the bed and I sat down and covered myself with my hands while she went to her supply shelf. I remember she smiled happily at the door when I arrived.

She was going to make me her own personal diaper slave! Then she came back and stuck a spoon in the ice cream. As she slid the diaper beneath me I was terrified by what this could mean.

After she helped me put my sneakers on, she pulled me along to the back door. To me she was just another scary neighbor lady, but I soon found out a lot more about her.

My experiences with her began one Friday morning when I was on break from school and my mother asked me to go over to her house to help her with her yard. On our way to the back fence we came to a large maple tree and she stopped. Finally, she was able to guide me down the steps as I looked around self-consciously. It landed on my tongue cold and sweet. She scrubbed my ears, neck and back, then under my arms. I never knew what they were talking about at that fence for so long, but I noticed that Mrs.

Looper often looked over at me as I raked the leaves or mowed the lawn. That's when I realized that that was just what she wanted.

Then she rinsed me by taking clean water in her palms from the tap. It was all a sensory extravaganza. I didn't know anything about her rules then, but I was about to find out. I looked up at her in excitement. I only watched uncomfortably as she scrubbed my palms with a soaped up washcloth and then wiped around my mouth vigorously. Then she pulled my underwear off and looked at them.

After she pulled the plug out of the drain, she toweled me off and then let me step out onto the bathmat. Their whiteness didn't seem to meet with her approval. She reached over and adjusted my pajamas several times as we went and I heard my plastic pants crinkle loudly each time.

I guess she felt sorry for her since her husband was rarely home.

My life in a cage 2

Didn't she understand that I didn't want to be seen like this?! I could hear the voices of people calling out not too far away.

But what would I wear now that she was washing my clothes? I wasn't sure what this meant. Then she slid the plastic pants that looked like something a person would go swimming in over that.

She stood there for several minutes looking down at a metal crucifix in the ground next to the trunk. Once she had my pants slave she started the bath. After all, I was just following her rules. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. What would my friends say if they ever found out! I looked story at myself with hesitation.

She seemed annoyed now. She had a pale face and reddish-brown hair and wore the bright red lipstick popular then. I just grinned and pulled a spoonful of chocolate ice cream up into my mouth. But the one thing that wasn't typical about her was that she didn't have children. Then she went into a drawer and brought a pair of diaper, one piece pajamas with feet over to me.

I had just minutes before been in ice cream heaven, and now I was in bathtub hell! My apprehension was dissolving at this point and I even felt happy to please her. So she and my mother could often be found talking over the low picket fence between our yards and she would always greet me when I was there. When she said this my heart jumped.

How i was made into a diaper slave

My face started to burn as she approached me with them. Next she went to my feet and then up my legs. My mind forgot about work instantly.

Yes, it would be okay if they never found out. Thank you, Mrs. Not with your hand! This stop only increased my discomfort and I whined a little with impatience. That's when I realized how soft and snug a diaper feels. She brought the cloth up between my legs and pinned it like a practiced caregiver. She returned with a cotton diaper and plastic pants which was what they used to stop urine leaks back then. We went into the bathroom and she proceeded to wash my hands in the sink. She checked the water temperature with her hand and then turned back to me and guided me into the water by my arm.