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Diaper discipline forum, I'm discipline forum that like diaper

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In this forum you can ask questions of the DD community and get answers. Other members can rate those answers to help you find the best solution to your query! A place for the loved ones of diaper lovers to ask questions and seek support and understanding. Moderated to prevent abuse and attacks.

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The witch tells her she never lets a dream go unfinished, especially this one, because she has always wanted a baby of her own. She tries to run off the the bathroom but it's too late and she pees on the floor. She is then left in a attic overnight where she does not last long before she loses control and is forced to use her diaper.

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Topic: Superheroines Videos. Forum. Daddy grabs Taylor by the hair and drags her to the kitchen, where he shoves a bar of soap into her mouth and pulls down her diaper. Topic: Spanking! Video Brook Chloe Tindra 7 - Ukdiapergirls Chloe and Tindra have been naughty and get rude to Brook which means only one thing, a diaper spanking for the both of them. When Cadence is dressed she greets the Doc and almost immediately feels an overwhelming need to pee.

Relieved she gets up to get grab clothes and get into the shower. As she leans over the sink to catch any drool, she is spanked soundly on her bared butt until Daddy is satisfied she has learned her lesson. Diaper Duty Dixie CometZoe Bloom Description: When Zoe takes advantage of her diaper punishment and makes it more of a punishment for her teacher, Dixie turns the tables and gets a bit of diaper time for herself.

Topic: Intimate secrets of family. Video Library of incest. With Cadence diapered and docile from the binkie, she waves her fingers and the room fills with magic to finish Cadence's transformation.

Shortening his grip on the belt, stinging smacks find her exposed cunt and asshole as well as the backs of her thighs. Humiliated again, Cadence is quite upset but the Doctor le her to her room to help her clean up. When Cadence becomes frustrated at not being able to put the diaper on by herself the doctor says she needs to calm down or she'll wet herself again and she doesn't have any more diapers.

Full Access Spanking- Legs in the Air for Intimate Mb x mp4 Positioned on her back, Casey hold her legs up for full access spanking. She pulls out a pacifier to which Cadence strongly rejects, but when she pops it in her mouth anyway it begins to glow and Cadence is immediately calmed down. He then sends her to bed early, but when he discovers her climbing into the big girl bed, he carries her to crib where she will be sleeping for the next week at least. The doctor assures her once again that she shouldn't be embarrassed and brings her a spare pair of panties and wipes to clean up.

The doctor tells her to not worry, that she's a doctor and Cadence shouldn't be embarrassed talking to her about it. There are 29 posts with diaper tag.

Taylor: Tenant Mouth Soaping and Spanking - DiaperedOnline In the second part of the Tenant series, Taylor gets up discipline a video forum and yells out a cuss word at the screen. Later she takes her back to her home and offers her a proposition, live with her rent free and continue their role play full time. The doctor diapers Cadence and sends her on her way. Jamie Humiliated with Diapers and Bondage A super villain humiliates Jamie by tying her up and forcing into diapers and tormenting her with her evil plans. He locks the crib railing to deter any naughtiness and leaves Taylor to think about her misbehavior.

The doctor tells her to come in right away and Cadence takes a picture of the diaper to send the doctor and brings the diaper to the office with her in a bag. Dixie agrees to continues with the interview but only if she takes off her wet jeans. It seems that this Witch has always wanted a baby of her own and is intent on turning Cadence into her own personal baby. When she spills her coffee on herself, Dixie makes her take her dirty shirt off as well but surprises her by diaper her the job First she must be disciplined for making a mess by being spanked.

She changes a pair of her panties into a diaper and goes about putting it on her the old fashioned way for practice. She says she'd like to give her an exam to start but when Cadence begins to undress she is horrified to find that she's wet her panties again. Next Dixie humiliates her by putting her in a diaper and telling her she'll have to wear one every day at work.

She is positive that she didn't put on a diaper in her rest and has no idea where it came from and so she frantically goes to find her phone and calls the doctor. Cadence is so confused and upset that she wets her pants again. She catches Cadence just as she was getting into the shower and tells her she has her test .

Amanda is highly qualified but can't get a job because she's so nervous in interviews. And most importantly, she didn't wet the bed either. She loves his touch, and the delicious sensation of having her naughty pink parts punished.

Topic: Thank you, Mistress - Mixed Domination. She magically disappears Cadence's clothes and sits to wait for her. The next day, the doctor magically appears on Cadence's porch, hinting that she may be more witch than doctor. Is big and swats down spanking both of her pretty horse, her cheeks and the backs of her thighs as she moans. Cadence asks her to wait for a moment as she finishes getting ready and dressed and the Doctor takes advantage of the time to snoop around and place a few spells around the house to help her with her devious plan.

She uses her magic to zap Cadence out of her clothes and put a calming pacifier in her mouth that she is unable to remove on her own. Very Beautiful and Disobedient girls!

Topic: Girls conquer girls Lesbian Domination Movies. As Cadence is showering the witch magically appears in her room having followed her from the dream. There is no witch or Doctor to be found and she's not wearing a diaper.

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The next morning, Cadence wakes up to find that she was so exhausted from the ordeal she's fallen resting in her clothes. Cadence doesn't even notice that her pussy glows and sparkles after she's wiped it and the doctor finishes her exam and tells her she'll call with the. Keywords: cadence lux, magic, tricks, special effects - sfx, pee, transformation fantasies, witchy, diaper fetish, medical fetish, med gyno, embarrassment, diaper humiliation. It was all a dream.

She uses her magic to finish Cadence's transition to her baby and smiles with joy as her new forum Cadence sucks on her binkie and makes googoo noises. When she goes to change she is shocked to find that she's wearing a diaper under her clothes.

The doctor shows her the picture she sent and it is also panties. The doctor tells her that she doesn't have any more diaper panties to give her, all she has is a discipline and Cadence reluctantly agrees to wear the diaper as she has no other choice.

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However, Cadence becomes even more confused when she gets to the doctor's office and the bag magically contains panties instead of the diaper. Forced to jerk off in the diaper fetishist Info: Format: mp4 Resolution : x Audio : mp4a Duration: File Size: Purple Vayda - Chain slave for rough dirty sex Genre: homemade, submission, forced sex, hard fucked, diaper fetish, rough sex, humiliation Type: mp4 File Size: MB Resolution: x Duration: Download Link: Download Topic: Girls dressing and acting like babies Adult baby videos. When Cadence comes back in the room in a towel wondering what happened to her clothes she is shocked to see the doctor from her dream.

That is enough for a mouth soaping from her new daddy, but she also throws the controller on the floor - disrespecting Daddy's property. Suddenly Cadence sits up in bed and looks around.