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Diaper chastity stories, Extrovert stories hunting for chastity especially for chatting

As I felt the pleasant vibration again, I knew I lost. This was the third time in the last hour that I was being rewarded without consciously letting go, and it was only Tuesday. My wife and I were playing around in bed, openly discussing some of the more kinky aspects of our desires.

Diaper Chastity Stories

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Janet inserted her ID card in the door lock, waited for the panel to slide back silently and then entered the office. As receptionist and book-keeper, her desk was just inside and she slid into her chair with practiced grace. She wore a pastel-pink jumpsuit and low-heeled rubber-soled shoes.

What is my age: 32
What is my nationaly: Namibian
Sexual identity: Man
Color of my eyes: I’ve got clear dark eyes
What is my hair: Flaxen
I speak: English, French
Sign of the zodiac: My Zodiac sign Capricorn
My favourite music: Latin
In my spare time I love: My hobbies blogging

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I've been through just about every sort of affordable chastity device on the market by now, both minimal tubes and more full style belts, but nothing was ever quite good enough. Our lesser competitors really aren't what you should be using, you're right I just find myself able to pull out or otherwise. If you could send me some additional information, I would be very grateful.

I had been pushing myself to see how long I could hold out with just willpower, but I realized that without a keyholder it was just too easy to grab the key and unlock myself. Everything's either too easy to slip out of or just don't make me feel as helpless as I want.

Needless to say, by the end of my shower I'm rock hard and wanting to rub one out. Much more secure than a small device. Like, electrodes in the anal plug, in the tube GPS monitoring All of that.

The trainer

I can't help but rub at myself through the silicone tube, and I could feel that I was leaking precum. Like what sort of things do you All sorts of things! Not for a job, but Lumen Industries. Think top of the line, and then several lines above that. Just not secure enough?

M-maybe a bit more secure than you're used to making. Working as a drama teacher was pretty easy, and it was nice that the students thought I was a more hip and relaxed teacher compared to the other faculty.

When lunch rolls around, I grab my cell phone and retreat to the back of the drama room and into the dressing room areas. Wh-what kind of things are you guys We have the highest grade materials and facilities available. We didn't have a very long relationship mostly due to the distance, but we at least shared a few interests The was a referral to a company.

The whole morning all I can think about is the phone call at lunch, like I'm some nervous virgin waiting for a call from his girlfriend. She must be able to tell though I'm fine, sorry. Nothing's doing it for me.

I want that I grab the key from inside the bathroom drawer, unlocking the steel padlock on the silicone cage, sliding the pieces off and placing them into the sink with some hot water. A full belt could have like a Wonderful idea I want the chastity tube to be like I don't want it to be possible to get an erection.

Young, in love and in chastityour story

This was enough to get my blood pumping, and I soon felt the pressure between my legs, my normal silicone chastity device still locked tightly onto my cock. This is Sweets from Lumen Industries. Author's Note: Domina here! Are you available today at noon? Now, this is a story I'd been wanting to diaper for a long while, and finally got around to doing it justice! I hadn't considered that. They appeared to be a manufacturer of high quality, and high tech fetish gear.

I end up deciding to send an off to just get an idea of what they do: "To Whom It May Concern: My story is Desmond, and I'm interested in buying one of your products. Sitting down, I wait for the call. In addition, someone had commenting asking if anyone out there would take up the mantle and continue the story. Typing a fast back with my phoneI rush out the door, biting my lip hard, already feeling myself swelling in the silicone tube again. I decided to peruse the website a bit longer, but there really wasn't much to see Descriptions of a few of the chastities they could produce but no images or pricing or anything.

I even wear it to the high school I work at.

Fuck, I was so horny from this. Heading to the kitchen, a little ice in a paper towel applied just right will be enough to soften it.

For some reason, nothing makes me hornier than the idea of not being able to get off. This story can be treated as a self-contained experience, or, if you want more, later you'll be able to follow this poor character's life in a branching story! I bite my lip and hold back the urges, wanting to ride out this intense desire a while longer. It was only a few minutes later at when my phone started vibrating. No students would be back here during lunch so it was a nice safe area.

I hadn't bought a new device for a while, just wearing my rather comfortable silicone chastity tube on the daily. Something strong. I definitely would like you to make me something Something really secure.

Diaper sissy chastity story

In that case I want this to be pretty extreme. I leave the house and drive to the local high school. Ch 1: The Order Growing up, I've developed a lot of different fetishes, but among everything, chastity devices trump them all. I don't have the logistics worked out quite yet, but depending on how much y'all love this piece, hopefully we'll see it soon. After a few minutes of sitting on the bed with my cock pressed into the ice, I'm flaccid once more, and I quickly slide myself back into the silicone chastity, clicking the lock shut once more.

Thank you. As I shower, my mind is just filled with ideas of what I could imagine the 'perfect' chastity device to be Maybe Lumen Industries could build something that truly matched my deepest desires for me? How large should the plug be?

I would be interested in one of those. Desmond speaking. I found the kink in my late teens, and have been hooked ever since.

Janets diaper – a chastity tale

It was a little exciting having such a thing hidden under my clothes when out and about, but it still didn't give me what I really wanted. At least it was at noon, I could take the call at work during my lunch break.

I finish getting dressed and ready, but a ping on my computer alerts me to a new - a reply already! In that case, you should probably opt for something of a full-belt de. The silicone is nice enough though, easy to wear, minimal visibility.

GPS tracking like We offer many different software packages for our devices--" "Yes!

So I'm doing both! For custom orders, we'll need to give you a phone call to discuss the details.

It always spoke to me deeply, but there was so much about the story itself that didn't resonate with me that made me just want to rewrite it. There was, however, an and phone for product inquiries. How are you doing today? This Wednesday morning, I received an from an online ex of mine. Now before we move on, I need to ask if there's any other sort of themes or addons you'd like to consider? Please note that our calls are recorded for training and legal purposes.

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Please reply with your phone and we will call you then. The website wasn't extremely clear on what I could order though, but I gather you do produce chastity devices? Or for someone else?