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Deflowered in shower, Hostess girl hunt for boy for deflowers

The following website, including all webs, links, images and videos, display sexually explicit material.

Deflowered In Shower

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My first sexual experience happened when the summer before my senior year of high school.

My age: 54
Nationality: I'm french
Meeting with: Gentleman
My gender: My sex is female
My hair: Strawberry-blond
My favourite drink: I prefer to drink ale
What I prefer to listen: Blues
My piercing: None

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Obviously he's not using a strong enough drain cleaner. I hope you like it too, and I look forward to hearing what you think! Anonymous to read messages.

Stay safe and satisfyingly impregnable out there! When the time's right, they first pounce to try and restrain you, then stick their long, slick ovipositors inside any of your suitably-sized orifices.

Learned a few things making this, so it was worth the effort. Thank you very much, his hair was an experiment with a texturing technique. Posted by Scaylid00d 5 years ago Report Thank you very much, his hair was an experiment with a texturing technique.

I must have started this project well over a year ago, and once again I'm glad I waited, since I'm sure the colors and effects wouldn't have been as satisfying, at least to me. Add to favorites Full Size Download. Scaylid00d: What say you?

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XD Wonderful, Scaylid00d. Reply to this comment.

I don't often mess around with angles like this either, and I'm glad the perspective came out as well as it did : It's definitely not perfect, but hell I'll take it for now. You did a great job on the coloring. Comment on Shower Deflowering.

For : virgin shower deflower

Not long after, you get to become the mommy of your own litter of adorable little baby beasties! The squishy beastie hugging his legs together is a bit confused though, having assumed him to be a female victim. And he's so cute, I just love his long hair; nice work on making it appear wet. Shower Deflowering By Scaylid00d -- Report.

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Please to post a comment. Posted by Scaylid00d 5 years ago Report I'll most likely make a pic like that sooner or later ;D. ed : 5 years ago Views : 14, File size : 1. Posted by Scaylid00d 5 years ago Report. Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago Report. Notes: All the linework and major coloring lay finished for ages, I only finally touched it up recently, adding the important effects like the water, shine and tweaking other effects.

This was originally set to be a parody ad for certain The linework was drawn in SAI, and the color was applied in Photoshop.

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It's bewildered ovipositor pokes and probes all along the length of his perineum, lifting his engorged sac, looking for any of his pussy. This victim only has an ass to violate down here, however.

Lucky for him he wasn't in the middle of shampooing :p.