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Charlie and bella fanfiction lemon, Scot bella hunting and men fanfiction for Charlie

Twilight bella lesbian lemon sex fanfiction.

Charlie And Bella Fanfiction Lemon

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Smutt Fanatic. Sort: Category. Warning: Incest and strong sexual content. A story for those who wanted both slash and femslash in the original story and to those who are interested in reading this.

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With those words, Charlie sheathed himself inside of me in one swift thrust, his monstrous cock filling me to the hilt.

Charlie d undressing until he was completely naked. She also had nipple clamps, a ball gag, and lastly, her favourite was a vibrator which stimulated both her clit and her pussy. He was scared now. She had a ball gag and nipple clamps on and vibrator inserted in her pussy and if he was not wrong, he even saw a dildo in her ass. We acted like the normal father and daughter out in public, but once we were home, he used me as his own personal whore.

The other one was shorter but slightly thicker. He knocked on her door but didn't get any reply even though the muffled sounds continued from inside. He knew who the car belonged too, and he gave a rue smile, thought this wasn't professional at all he didn't care. I had been handcuffed for two days so far.

He used me when he wanted, day or night; asleep or awake; doing anything or doing nothing. I would stay completely naked and was only allowed to be released to go to the bathroom. Now she just needed one last thing to carry out what she wanted to. Bella was in the house cooking food and when he got home he would be welcomed by the smell of home cooked food. I was not allowed to talk, only to take what he gave me. So Bella decided to indulge in her favourite past time- masturbation. Next, she attached the nipple clamps to her nipples, tight enough to cause some discomfort but not much.

Bella went downstairs to Charlie's office and opened the draw that she knew held all his police related stuff which he had left to go spend the night with Billy watching some really important football match. He slowly undressed from his police uniform, not even glancing my way.

During my "punishments" I was strictly Daddy's sex toy. He entered Bella's room and his jaw was left hanging open at the sight before him.

Bella went upstairs and started getting ready. I am so sorry! Her favourite feature about this vibrator was that it had a timer to stop vibrating by itself. He couldn't stop staring at her, ogling her.

If I get another ticket, my parents will take the car off me! He would leave me here and use me whenever he wanted. All her nerve endings were on fire and she couldn't stop moaning loud enough for her neighbours to hear. Guess he has to watch the match alone at home now. He would handcuff me to his bed as a form of 'punishment', when I got a bad grade or came home late.

Bella was spread eagle spread on her bed and tied to the bedposts with scarves and handcuffs. And the sex, the sex just got better and better.

But Bella wasn't at home, and there wouldn't be any home cooked food waiting for him. I moaned, keeping silent as his pace became more brutal. He was getting hard by seeing this. Charlie continued his thrusts, muttering dirty words to me, words that only made me wetter. Half the time, he ordered me not to cum because it was supposed to be about his pleasure.

It was then that he turned to me, stroking his cock. There must be another way, please. Not too soon after, she had another orgasm and she came, moaning loudly. He went up to check on her. Charlie returned home, disappointed.

I hoped he wouldn't order me to not cum because I was close to cumming and would no doubt reach a second orgasm by the time he would release. A old Toyota truck sped past, it wasn't doing to much over the limit but Charlie was in one of those moods where he didn't care.

I quickly obeyed, uncrossing my ankles and spreading my legs as wide as was comfortably possible, bending them at the knee. Charlie did this to me on occasion, the longest being a week. The Toyota pulled over and Charlie followed suite. Were those his handcuffs! When she got back home, he was going to ground her until she turned 40, at least.

Charlie quickly climbed onto the bed, lowering himself between my legs. She got out her toys and laid them next to each other.

One was 4 inch long and 2 inch thick. She was already getting so wet and she hadn't even started yet! She had two dildos.

We just couldn't get enough of each other. Charlie got jealous when I was with other boys. This went on for some time. No one else gets to see it or touch it.

I stayed silent. Charlie came into the room, looking worn from a long day of work. As she was coming down from her orgasm, she quickly handcuffed her hands to the bedposts too, keeping the key close to her hand so she could reach it when she was done. He was not able to watch the match with Billy because he was called for some 'super important' village meeting. I was currently handcuffed to Charlie's bed, naked as the day I was born. In truth, half of that was true, he was in his cruiser waiting to hand out traffic tickets.

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Flipping on his lights, Charlie set off after the Toyota, a little grateful that they weren't in the town limits. She moment she started the vibrator, she started cumming as she was already very horny and wet. Charlie always seemed to spice things up and even when he didn't, it was like that first time all over again.

After rummaging through the drawer, she found what she was looking for.

He would feed me on occasion, mostly take-out considering his cooking was shit. This would be the third time this month she would have a ticket for speeding. He had a plan, another way - so to speak. I moaned at the complete feeling of fullness I always had when his cock was inside of me. No one suspected a thing.

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Now came her favourite part. Like he had promised, I was never left wanting for cock. This time my 'punishment' was because I had sucked a boy's cock from school. He was sat in his car, waiting to hand out any traffic tickets.

She first stripped and inserted one of the dildos in her ass using some lube. She tied her legs to the bedpost using some of her scarves and attached her vibrator to her pussy after putting a timer of 2 hours with a 2 minutes break after every 8 minutes.

He eyed my naked body up and down and it didn't take long for his cock to be fully erect. Some of the time, Bella came while sometimes she came very close to the edge but couldn't come because the vibrator stopped. He had always found her daughter attractive with her big luscious boobs and toned figure but never in a bad way but after seeing this, his thoughts started wondering. Thankfully she had her ball gag on. The tip of his monstrous cock teased my entrance, causing a whine to escape my lips.

How stupid of her!

A pair of handcuffs. How could she leave like she had? She then put on her ball gag and got into bed. It was a regular day at the job.