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I can't believe how outstanding CelebFanForum. There are so many celebrity sex stories that will blow your mind that you may actually have a hard time taking a break from the site! With thousands of stories to choose from I decided to read my top picks first and then venture out into the unknown and I have to tell you that there is not a single story that has been published here that has let me down at all.

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While she grinded herself against on my cock, I attacked her breasts. I took her legs off my shoulders and scooped her up.

Changing her grip Victoria bent down further so she could lick up along the underside of the shaft, before quickly backing off. Fuck me hard. After a few minutes Victoria really starting to ride me hard but still she was only taking a little over half my cock. I told him as part of the deal I wanted an executive producer credit and to be involved in the casting.

She then gave me Celebfanforum lick. I put my hands around were waist to try to force her down a little further, but suddenly the office Celebfanforum broke quickly dropping to its lowest setting. I feel so latest, so stretched out. Continuing to abuse her cunt with my dick she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I bounced her on my cock. Something must have gone of in Victoria after that first orgamism because see was not holding back any longer.

I give you a topless blow job and you do whatever you can to get me this story. Dressed in simple grey t-shirt, skin tight jeans and white sneakers was Victoria Justice. While not the biggest, they were latest a good size, great shape with next to no sage, and fantastic nipples size and color. Why, what do you want? I was starting to realize that this casting thing was a bit more boring than I had fantasized. So I then stood up, put my hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her throat. Got it? She was riding me like a wild banshee slamming her body down on my whole cock and was way more vocal.

She had not been on my preliminary list of auditioners. She was moving her mouth as story as she could and I was getting close but not close enough. How well do you know him? A lot of the girls auditioning were relative unknowns, but thanks to the buzz that Ryan may be the next Damien Chazelle, some of the names I did recognize. Celebrity Story Site.

After high school I went to the same state college as a lot of the kids from my high school so I my reputation as the best dick around followed me there. Your hitting me in places he never has.

He wanted to see if I would use my new fortune to fund his movie, after some back and forth I agreed. The bra was also quickly discarded as Vic walked over to me behind the desk. As I picked up the ball, one of the varsity captains came up from behind me and pants me, pulling both my shorts and underwear down to the floor.

For you see I was blessed with a big dick and even at 14 I was still 6 inches flaccid. She may have started off somewhat reluctant but as time went on she was clearly getting it.

My name is Edward, most people call me Eddie, though in high school I also picked up another nickname. My career is all but on life support. So now I am in a office with a list of names that are going to be auditioning for the lead female role, which is only described as a good looking brunette in her early to mid twenties. She was about to open the door before she turned back to me.

After we both finished cumming I gently dropped her back on the desk.


This caught me by surprise and I tightened my grip and pulled her down with me and all of a sudden Victoria went from having just half my cock in her to having my full length buried inside her. When I heard the door open I looked up and was in for a surprise. Seeing her their fully Celebfanforum I felt the hunger of passion start to take over me again so I began standing up, but I was quickly pushed down by Victoria. Then a couple months later my latest friend from high school, Ryan, called me up with a proposition. I quickly shut up as Victoria lowered herself on me.

There was only one actress that I saw in that time that seemed right for the part. She put up the peace and gave a kissy face as I took the picture. Finally she just threw script up in the air and then offered to fuck me if I just sent her name along to Ryan.

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Instead she just stared up at me as she swallowed rope after rope of cum and the sucking what ever was left out of me. Author Topic: Lucky Bastard multiple celebrities Read times. While at practice during my freshman year of high school I went to go pick up a ball that had rolled over by the senior cheerleaders. I need this role. That girl has some killer legs and seeing her naked there in just heels was too good to resist.

Between your face, your body and the way you suck cock, how are you struggling for roles? I reached over to grab my cell phone which was next to her. Nonetheless, I tried to play it cool and explain our audition the process to Vic. I told her to go ahead and start whenever she felt ready as I looked over the credits on the back of her head shot.

Knowing my reputation he was really hesitant but at the same time I was willing to give him the money for his movie, and dealing with me was a lot easier than trying to find funding elsewhere. He was expecting the cheerleaders to point and laugh at me, but instead they just gasped and stared wide eyed.

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My knees felt weak after i came and I quickly sat back down. She took half my dick in her mouth on her first attempt. She responded by sinking half my cock down her throat and pumping the rest of my shaft with both hands before I finally exploded. Groping one while I kissed and sucked on her other before switching over.

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It is that desperation I had to thank for my current situation of having a naked Kelli Berglund on my desk with her incredible legs up on my shoulders as a jackhammered my dick into her. Your welcome to come if you want.

However when I was 27 my good luck struck once again. The girl had some serious skill.

While reading her lines she kept messing up was growing more and more frustrated with herself. So for the next couple of years after college I just kind of coasted through life. Her hands quickly gripped it, her hands not fully closing around it, and she began examining. As if suddenly realizing what she said she tried to backtrack a bit.

She laid back down trying to catch her breath.

The next two hours were pretty unremarkable. I was planning on passing her name along to Ryan if just because she was a name that if picked could sell the film.

Victoria grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, paused for a moment, rolled her eyes before taking off her shirt revealing her white lace bra. I was going to put her name on the list for a second audition already and Ryan had made it clear that that was as far as my level of influence on the casting would be. I spent the next 3. website review

Eventually Victoria grew impatient and put her hands on her hips. Would a blow job do it?

She was only able to take a few inches at first. Showing them that we had sex should shut them up. Currently she was swirling her tongue around the head as her hands stroked the shaft. You know you want to. She then lifted my cock and rested it along the center of her face as she kissed the underside of my cock, working her way down to my balls. They great as they looked in pictures, they were even better in person.

But I also want you topless.