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Caught wearing a thong, I'm Caught girl that wearing scot

I got caught wearing a thong for a second time. This time, I decided to wear one in a busier place so I decided that it was time to wear one to a department store. This time, I decided to wear my hot pink thong under my jeans.

Caught Wearing A Thong

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I'm wasn't trying to make fun of himbut let him understand our world. I guess your rightthought he looks really sexy in them, as strange as that may sound.

How old am I: 46
Where am I from: Bangladeshi
What is my gender: Fem
Color of my hair: Auburn
Languages: Italian
Favourite music: Opera
I have tattoo: I have tattoos

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They took it why I was asleep. She told my parents I stole her thong and my parents flipped out.

The next day I did it and was made fun of and given wedgies. He was gonna show the whole school if I didn't wear the cheetah thong as underwear everyday for the rest of the year.

I told him that wasn't the dare. I woke up and I was tied down on my stomach. I had to put on the thong and wear the thong all night long.

Next Story » A Bad Day. Turns out he didn't have a picture. She untied me and drove me home but didn't give me any clothes. Other I went to a party at my friends house because his parents were gone for 2 days. He wanted me to wear only the thong. My friend's mom said I had to stay out in the front lawn tied to a tree in nothing but the cheetah thong for a whole day. I laid there all day in nothing but a thong.

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It got worse when I went to school the next day my friend said he had picture of my hand on a guys balls at the party. Well the kid and I went up stairs and into my friend's parent's bedroom.

Worst of all the only thing I had on was the cheetah g-string. My parents made me apologize and my friend's mom could pick my punishment.

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She was so mad. I screamed for someone but none was home. He opened the drawers and found the thong drawer. Anway, I fell asleep on my friend's couch. The kid flipped out.

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We played truth or dare and one of the kids from my school dared me to go up into my friend's parent's bedroom and steal one of his mom's thongs. I wore them for the whole year and even changed in gym class with them on. He pulled out a cheetah g-string and said I had to wear it.

I put it on under my pants and put my shirt on.

My friends mom came home early and saw me.