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A well-known CBS sitcom running from to

Carrie King Of Queens Hot

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She appears in all of the show's nine seasons and is one of the show's three central characters. Carrie works as a legal secretary during the first six seasons and as a real estate firm secretary for the last three seasons. Her father, Arthur Spooner Jerry Stillerlives in the couple's basement after losing his home in a fire.

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Sitcoms, and family sitcoms in particular, occupy fewer prime-time slots now, but streaming and reruns mean that the gap persists. Cheryl: I married him for his money. There was, however, one deliberate exception.

The trope is deployed with some self-awareness. Instead, the standards for female beauty are enforced rigorously on network shows, while those for men and their waistbands remain comfortably loose.

‘the king of queens’

The real joke — a sweet one — is that while Jerry remains the butt of every office gag, Gayle and three gorgeous daughters worship him as an ideal husband and father. You still are. She once dressed up as Grimace.

A paradigm of the schlubby guy snags hot wife trope, the show stars James as a UPS-style deliveryman, with Remini as his legal secretary wife. The episode, which has aged about as well as a tub of expired cottage cheese, is fatphobic and unfunny. Audiences accept this, though when roles are reversed — when a show, sitcom or otherwise, pairs an absolute hunk with a less glamorous woman — some viewers lose their minds.

It has earned an astonishing 14 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the marital mismatch inspired a lot of head-scratching. Jim: Hah! I win!

Here are a few of the more egregious examples. His tight shorts, too. In the second season, at a Christmas party, his co-workers are introduced to his wifeGayle, played by the supermodel Christie Brinkley. As a Season 3 flashback reveals, he fell in love with her for her looks, while she loved his questionable humor and ample gut. Most of the couples on this affable serieswhich began on NBC inhad equally good looks.

But Gloria disputes this, minimizing the difference in their looks. Despite some fluctuations, James maintained a larger body size throughout, while Remini received criticism for her real-life pregnancy weight gain.