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Building a sybian, I am sybian for men that wants buildings

Discover the hidden side of a DIY Sybian — the costs, the work involved, and how to do it in the most economic fashion…. As for attachments themselves, I would actually buy them either from the official Sybian or Motorbunny website.

Building A Sybian

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Years: 21
I like: Guy
What is my sex: I'm female
My body type: My figure type is muscular
What I like to listen: Pop
In my spare time I love: Blogging
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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or insert images from URL. Let's Talk About Sex Existing user?

We've always had awesome sex after it's been put aside. That being said, she doesn't like it enough to pay that kind of cash for. Never tried a Sybian. Mrs two4you likes it, a lot. It's more about the prolonged exposure to the sensation of approaching orgasm and the extreme arousal for everyone there at having someone truly in that state. Hopefully members who actually do have one can chime in. I've been meaning to call and order one, but what with this rotary dial phone, I keep making mistakes and having to start over. They are well worth a try for all those that are curious, and keep the though in mind, that the best part is riding the crest of the wave, just before it curls.

My advice is find someone that owns one and try it out before purchasing it. Now I'm thinking you need more info, better pictures and plans. Only 75 emoji are allowed. My wife loves it. We don't own one and haven't tried it but everyone that we've talked to has loved it! Areyouready Posted October 23, Share this post Link to post. Being a 'do it yourselfer' I liked seeing the buildings of you doing it yourself.

Like I said above, I haven't tried one yet but even if it was mind blowing, I can't imagine it being able to replace my need to feel a man on top of me and hearing his pleasure and orgasms. MrsZ's first comment was OMG I'm going sybian cum straight away, but with a careful control, she didn't quite get there for the next 10 minutes, then had no energy to pull away when her orgasm rocked her, before she rolled off onto the floor. You know, when I could afford to.

So how did it perform? MrHe sprung immediately back to attention, harder than a randy teenager. MrHe's a huge stayer, great control, but lost his control amidst her cumming. Posted October 25, Posted October 26, Thank you for the input everyone!

She sees it as a fun thing to play with once in a while, but not a go to toy. No one I've ever seen totally hated it. Although we have a few small toys at home, we are not a couple that is very big on toys to start with we like to use our biological tools rather than the powered kind! There was one amusing after the fact comment.

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They'd have to be Ours is charged, internal battery. But we have been to a couple of house parties where some has brought a Sybian, and one time the Mrs. From the sight and sound of her, she seemed to very much enjoy the experience!

I may have to try to building this. Must be a single speed type Preferably. Left us both hyper sensitive after the event. Posted November 12, GoldCoCouple sybian to see a bit more of how I built our Sybian. I wouldn't throw down that kind of cash without a test drive or two.

I'll say this from experience Also from experience, the reviews are mixed. By what our cocks had been thru, it was expected to take a bit of time to be ready for round two. No, and primarily because it might be tough to explain it to our daughter living at home with us! They look like fun but hate to spend that kind of money on looks.

This might make it to our Christmas list for each other GoldCoCouple 3, I already have to keep the Hitachi under lock and key NakedInSeattle Posted November 10, Posted November 11, Had ours out on Saturday night, during a weekend with friends staying. Paste as plain text instead. The metal fastening plates were useful.

The conversation

We will have to make friends with an owner, great idea! Does anyone on the forum own a Sybian and is it worth it? It's like being the person that owns a pickup truck, and gets calls from friends as soon as they need to move or haul something. in anonymously. In fact now that I think about it the other ones I've seen women using are all charged, might be time to upgrade and retire the old one. Mostly stuff from the local building supplies store. If it's comparable, fuck yes, I'd buy one.

GuyInMD79 1, Time to start collecting parts.

What is a sybian/vibrating saddle machine?

Speed is controlled by a light dimmer, universal type. Vibrations inside her pussy were awesome, no pace required to be right on the edge. That's crazy expensive. Some close friends of ours have one, and when they bring it to parties it gets a lot of play time. Are they waterproof?

Forgot your password? More a case of being left breathless, yet with blood so loaded in hormones, they just cant wait for some more with one on one action. Display as a link instead. If I had a sybian, I wouldn't need a man for sex. But I think we would not get one even if we had an empty nest, unless we thought we would bring it along with us to a lot of parties.

'the cowgirl' vibrator review - sex stuff

It probably doesn't help that I can't see to dial by the light of oil sybian. Within seconds was filling her from behind, amazed by the sensation he was feeling from inside. If you have anin now to post with your. I found a silicone cover for the 'Head' which makes it softer at an Adult toy Store in Toronto. Clear editor. It's only an "Occasional" toy, but sure fun at the time, especially with friends where once they've seen how it goes, the first fights seem to be always over the controls.

She needed a guy in front of her and a guy behind her to keep her from collapsing off the building, and she was a little weak in the knees and shaky afterwards. MrsShes comment, moments after they'd collapsed. I loved my experiences with them - but everything is moderation is a good idea for me. Except this is better than that. I'm a Hitachi Magic Wand fan, myself.

So I just gave up. Would we get one for home use?

Recommended Posts. Personally we thing what Sybian's are about is not the cumming hard with the huge orgasm, that could be achieved in just a few minutes. He built a bench for it to sit on, allowing the ladies to straddle it with their feet on the floor.

ZoDee Posted October 24, Two4you, thanks for the info and input! You can post now and register later. And yes, just a mini sander. If anyone has one please share your thoughts. It's just a mini sander for the main component?