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Big bulge stories, Erotica bulge story boy Big naughties

One day when I did this she was cleaning and came in the room for a dab so when she sat down across from me I did it and I caught her looking for a bulge but she looked away I wanted her to look so I would look at my phone so she could, idk if she looked again but after her dab she left the room and came back for a stupid little question and as soon as she came in she looked right down my pants leg where my penis was but idk if she could see it standing, So I kinda gave up that day and the next day Big I came over I did the same but she was very busy and other people were there so it was kinda hard to do it and see if she saw it. And the reason I was able to do all this was because after the first day her boyfriend when on vacation with family so it made it easy cause he would not have let me stay the night lmao. The first time I was just teasing and story fun when I rubbed my ass against his huge package.

Big Bulge Stories

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I was in my final year of school and I was quite the popular boy, I got quite the bit of female attention and had plenty of friends but I secretly obsessed over big cocks. I was relatively hung my self, but nothing stupid 7. One day my Physical Education teacher said that we would be doing swimming with next lesson and every one must wear Lycra and no board shorts, I was so excited to see everybody and what they were packing once there right Lycra got all wet. The day came, I made my way to the changing rooms and I started to get changed when my one of my good friends Big came over next to me to change, Louis was only a small build 5ft6 and lbsI put on my swimming trunks and made my way over to the shower. I began to shower when Louis poked me and said let me in by there so I let him bulge next to me but something was up against my leg. I turned around to see what it was and there it was Louis' Bulge, I looked down his leg and it was nearly half way story, it was at least 7 inches soft.

What is my age: 31
Ethnic: Danish
Sex: Woman
Figure features: I'm medium-build
My favourite music: Electronic
What is my hobbies: Sailing
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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She said yes Big what size? While checking out, they asked the lady if they sell thongs. At the beach with cousins: About 4 years ago I took a day trip to the local beach with my three cousins all around the same age. The runner girl asked to run with her if I wore spandex.

One night, 4 girls and 2 of my guy stories snuck up alcohol and watched a movie. One girl was a runner too and asked if I wore spandex when running. College reunion barbecue: This happened last summer and I was wearing a pair of tight, blue shorts that left little to the imagination. I grew up in a bulge home and I wore boxers. While the rest of the family remained in their PJs after the photo, my GF immediately pulled me aside and asked me to change back into regular pants because "people were looking.

My manhood on full display to all the people sitting nearby. I would normally wear speedos with my girlfriend, but considering the family element at play, I decided to be a little more modest and wear regular pink trunks. She looked over the counter and said that she believed so. After-work drinks with male co-workers: After a few rounds with my coworkers, the conversation loosened up and we started talking about the various attractive females at the office. I went behind a little wall to put them on. I went back to try them on.

I wore shorts. We all went shopping and we all got several pairs.

They felt great and the girls liked them too. I gave her a look and she said Well it's true. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. BrianBoulder Sexy Member.

I was also noticing the outline in my jeans. I soon got briefs to keep him high and tight so my shirt would cover. Gave me 2 pairs to try on over the spandex. So I guess you have heard then, I said. My cock was already quite visible before I went in the water, but as soon as I emerged, the jokes started coming and haven't stopped.

Scooter5 Superior Member.

One of many favorite stories. Favorite stories: when my huge bulge gets noticed Discussion in ' Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues ' started by MachocockJun 7, Most Liked Posts.

Favorite stories: when my huge bulge gets noticed

She had an old pair for me to wear. While they were on their way, we stood in line ordering our food. Big billie. Unfortunately at the timethe word was out through the school. After the movie, we all chit chat for awhile and then my 2 friends had to go because they needed to get up early. So it was just me and the girls.

The other 2 agreed that guys should wear them more often and asked if I would ever consider wearing. I soon pit my pants on and went home, but I wore the spandex to bed.

JPG File size: StefanVeetLightskinniggagrt and 79 others like this. She saw my semi while looking at the spandex and said they look great and let's go. Late middle school, it had grown past the length of the boxers.

My friend's massive bulge

She then shared the benefits of spandex and why more guys should wear them. The PJs did absolutely nothing to hide the enormous protrusion from my crotch area, and lets just say my junk inadvertently became the focal point of the photo. I'm a big time shower. Another girl asked if I didnt want to have my 3rd leg showing. When in college, we had community showers, so word got out fast.

Stomach bulge stories

Changing after gym class or hockey I noticed other guys weren't as big and the guys soon would make comments about my 3rd leg. We had a great run.

Pajama embarrassment with Girlfriend's family: This story is more a source of embarrassment than pride, but still funny nonetheless. The girl came by to pick me up in the morning to go run in the local park. Great stories! The lady soon came back to ask how I'm doing and if I needed help, since its my 1st thong.

She said its not for her but for me and would it fit his large penis.

My college buddy, who isn't well-endowed at all, later told me in private that she couldn't believe how big my bulge was. Machocock Worshipped Member. We sat down and the other 2 arrived. I am attaching photos to show what exactly I was wearing when these 'bulge-spotting' instances occurred.

Maybe a lil bit semi, but mostly soft.

Afterwards, she called her friends from last night and asked them to meet us for breakfast at an outdoor cafe. We were all feeling the effects of the alcohol. She thought the large would be best, so I bought 2. If you have any bulge stories of your own, please share!

Definitely impressive bulge in pics Like an adult storytime book.

Big dick stories

Try to include photos of what you were wearing on that given day. up below and come us. She stumbled through the rest of her sentence, obviously transfixed by my cock outline. I was going to go also, but they didn't need to get up early and it was one of the girls room.

I said sure and she got her black pair out for me. My cousins now jest that my Mother secretly had an affair with a porn star. We got on the topic of spandex. She saw that I was uncomfortable, she told me not to worry and that I looked great. Got the nickname 3 leg. I have always wantes to, bit too afraid. I'm now known as tripod at the office, at least among my close friends.

I said maybe, thinking the subject would change. An old frat buddy introduced me to his gorgeous fiance and midway through the conversation, her eyes tilted downward. I said yes and showed both pairs on. In the past I would tuck my penis to hide the obvious, but over the last few years I've come to embrace having a large, noticeable bulge and the attention that comes with it.

While spending the holidays with my girlfriend's family, I was told I would need to change into a pair of Xmas-themed PJs for their annual family photo.

We talked about my experience and then she mentioned how many looks I got, how fun it is to show me off and that I need to get my own pairs. If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place.