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Babysitter Fuck Story

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They sat kissing. She had put the children to bed. Her boyfriend Rich sat on the couch with her.

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Jamie, I have one last surprise for you, only if you want it?

s: 1 2. I flip her over on to her back I was on top of her with my penis still inside her…and I started fucking her at a slow pace and then went faster and faster, and she went into another orgasm. I said yes and I want to be the first inside of you. We grabbed a quick shower, changed the sheets, got dressed and I took the dirty sheets to the laundry room and started the wash.

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But you have to trust me it will hurt a little, when I break your hymen. I suggested to her that she will have to get on top of me. I told her only if you want to?

Post « Secret affair with my older and hot cousin. One day my mom had to run into town to pay her bills and stuff and she asked me if I could babysit Jamie for her, like a great son I was I said yes.

My mom babysit for her friend a 5 years old girl her name was jamie, she has sexy blue eyes and long black hair cut midway down her back you could say just below her breast with she is flat with perky little nipples slender body and a sexy baby butt. When I woke up finally realized that it was about am and I had to clean everything up before my Mom got home.

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I was stunned and hasitated, and told her only if I could see her naked too. Next Post I had sex with my neighbor Next ».

My Name is Dean I was 18 years old at the time. I unloaded the biggest fucking load I have ever had into her unprotected fertile young pussy. I ran my finger from the bottom of her slit to the top where I touched her clit and she gave aout a sharp loud moan. They had ordered a pizza and were just finishing it when my mother came home.

I push my tongue into her mouth and her tongue met mines and my hands started wondering up and down her back. I was big and she could only get the top of the head in her mouth.

So off my mom went locking the door and headed into town leaving me home alone with this pretty little girl. I went deeper and deeper into her and told her I about to cum and she crossed her legs around my back locking me and her young pussy clamped down on my cock and she said she wanted me to fill her up…. Sweetheart it a big surprise and I looked down at my hard-on and she said you want to put that in me?

I laid down next to her and our lips met each others and our tongues swirling around and I ran my left hand down between her legs playing with her cunt and insert 1 finger into her virgin hole and then inserted another finger and started finger fucking her at a slow pace for about 5 minuites and she went into another orgasm moaning loud as her juices flowing out of her cunt all over my bed and got between her legs a licking the rest of her juices from her cunt. I laid down on my back and she got on top of me and she grabbed hold of my boner and placed it to the opening of her cunt.

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Jamie came on the bed and lay down sideway in front of me and I cuddled into her young innocent body. Search for:.