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Asstr/new, I'd like hunting for boy who loves Asstr/new

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October 21, - This one is a bit different from my typical story: Due is all about a man being beaten up and humiliated by a woman. Sometimes I have fantasies of getting beaten up, but they aren't sexual in nature.

My age: 20
Service for: Gentleman
Hair color: Blond
My Sign of the zodiac: Libra
My figure type: My figure type is quite thin
I prefer to drink: I like to drink liqueur
I prefer to listen: Hip hop

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Whilst everything above actually hapenned, everything below is all in my head - unfortunately. If anyone cums across one of your stories and would like me to remove it from our collections please me at vanessaevans69 hotmail.

Over the past few years Jon and I have been saving a copy of stories that we came across on the internet and enjoyed reading. He said 'no', Sorry.

Debbie can't type so I've keyed it all in. Here are the ones that Jon has approved of so far: .

We've had quite a bit of fun while doing so, and it's been quite difficult to concentrate at times. The Journal of the start of my New Life.

I ain't interested. This is my first attempt at fiction, I do hope it's okay. I've copied them onto the following Cloud Drives:. I know that some authors don't like people re-posting their stories and it is possible that I have contravened their wishes.

I was 22 before I met Jon and my life improved dramatically - for the better. One or two people who have already read parts of my Asstr/new have asked for me to send them a photo of me so I asked Jon if he thought that it would be a good idea to publish a photo of me on this .

It's her version of some of the stories that she told me that I've included in my Journal; but it also includes a lot more. Last update October The Exposure that started it all.

What's new

Asstr/new you've read about my adventures you will know that not all the people involved are over 18 so I had to change their ages to 18 and even cut some parts out of them. There are a few adventures that I just couldn't attempt to change, and they are not on Literotica.

This problem with Literotica has affected some of my fictional stories as well. Asstr/new been doing a lot of day dreaming about what I would have liked to be like during those lost years and the stories below are some of my daydreams. If you want to read ALL my fictional stories and the un-doctored versions it's best to get them through this web site or my OneDrive or GoogleDrive or in my Box loud storage - see below.

And also my dreams and fantasies of what could have been. I've discussed this with Jon and he is quite happy for me to put these dreams on this web site.

Asstr/new me that means that I wasted about 8 or 9 years of my life. Willow - part 01 Added in October Willow - part 02 Added in October No one is forcing you to read what I have written so don't bother telling me that my English, grammar or spelling is crap.

Please e-mail me with any comment that you have about anything in this Journal. Kelly Added in June A little note - Jon asked me to publish all our adventures on the web site Literotica.

Old stories archive from before june

Jon has asked me to post them on the internet, so I have. Vaginal Weight Training Added in December Trip Asstr/new Morocco Added in December Holiday in the South of France Added in January London Underground Added in January Ski Trip Added in January Going to Night School Added in July If only I knew then what I know now Aded in June Temping Added in March The Lost Bet Added in March Watched while in the Shower Added in March Villa in Spain Added in June Dogging Added in July Temping 2 Added in September Asstr/new Electric Chair Added in September Body Surfing Added in January Villa visit September - part 1 Added in November Villa visit September - part 2 Added in May White Van Man Added in October The Toga Party Added in June Update May Added in May Update July Added in July Update December Added in December Update June Added in June Update August Added in August Update September Added in September Kelly came into our lives literately by accident.

Amy the Exhibitionist - part 1 Added in October Amy the Exhibitionist - part 2 Added in January Amy the Asstr/new - part 3 Added in April Amy the Exhibitionist - part 4 Added in December Amy the Exhibitionist - part 10 Added in February Our Stories Archive.

Jon has told me to document some of the more 'interesting' experiences that we've had since I finished my Journal. Vanessa's New Life. Also, Jon and myself would appreciate any suggestions for any new fun or dares that are in a similar vain to those described in the Asstr/new.

It should be noted that some of my dreams are based on real life experiences and how they could have developed if things had worked out just a little bit differently.

I will also ask Jon to spank my bare bottom for being a bad girl. In some cases I think that this has spoilt my writings - I'll let you decide.

Debbie's Pussy Power. My friend Debbie has decided that she would like to publish her story.

My e-mail address is vanessaevans69 hotmail. For the first 16 months of my new job my employer Jon got me to keep a Journal of everything that I did that I found 'interesting'.