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Albolene for masturbation, Albolene lady for up guy to masturbation

Your slickened hand glides smoothly and firmly over the glistening length and thickness and the gleaming bulbous head of your rampant erection—a description of bator heaven for most guys! Lubrication makes all the difference in how incredibly intense and blissful your masturbation practice feels. Some intact masturbators—guys endowed with foreskins—choose not to use lubrication on their penises at all; the skin and the pre-cum that pools under it on the penis head may provide plentiful stimulation.

Albolene For Masturbation

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I've been ruined by it!

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It is definitely way better than what I was using before Astroglide or the store-brand equivalent.

: 1 of 1. Astroglide always gets sticky after a while. I find it harder to clean up afterwards but it doesn't wear down.

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Ready2Shoot said: Hey selflove, Albolene is used to remove makeup. Hey selflove, Albolene is used to remove makeup. All user-submitted content including but not limited to photographs are the responsibility of and are owned by the contributor. Incredible stuff.

So far, the longest I have jacked with Albolene was 25 minutes, but it was showing no s of drying up I felt a nice, very slight warming sensation too--although that was probably just the friction. You can find it in the cosmetics section of any drugstore.

Member. I havent had any luck finding Albolene yet, but I am still looking.

I can't wait to try it during a marathon edging session. If it can keep up with me for a few hours, I may just have to buy the company.

It does not take much to have a good time with it. Maybe too great.

Silicon-based lubes

Registering is fast, easy and free. Sponsored Links. I buy condoms without a thought and sex toys too but her knowing I was going to use it to jerk off made me embarassed. Have gone more than 4 hours Registered users, please using the Member panel in the sidebar. I finally found some at a store and gave it a try.

Lasts forever. Since then I make other purchases too. Find out more about becomming a JackinChat member.

Love to edge with it during phone sex. Parents, prevent your children's access to this site.

Water-based lubes

Only registered users are permitted to participate in message board discussions. Index » Masturbation » For Him » Albolene. The female clerk gave a knowing smile the first time I bought a jar. Posted on AM. A bud ive jacked with before told me about it an asked if i wanted to try it. I have been using AstroGlide lately and it works great.

I like to edge for a really long time.

Cleanup is easier than some, a bit more than others, but after you try it, you'll never use anything else Excuse me, I have to go do something Best lube ever! I always cum real fast after stroking my lubed up cock. Posted on PM. For a long time now, I've been noticing people on this site talk about how great Albolene is for jacking.