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72 virgins funny, I'm hunting for guy who virgins funny

Damn, ouch. That is so wrong.

72 Virgins Funny

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Bill Maher makes jokes on 72 virgins in heaven, and the Middle East.

72 virgins in heaven

People make too big a deal of stuff like that. He not only makes fun of Islam, he explicitly calls fanatical Muslims out and insults them for their irrationalism, which he finds to be a degradation on Middle Eastern society. Then the first video ends abruptly, but it ends where the second one begins. Also, I only included videos of jokes on the stand-up stage, despite jokes on regular TV shows being funny.

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In the fourth, he ends with a nice punchline which I hope lets you leave this post on a high note. In the third, he talks about similar Arab stereotyping, but despite some similar jokes, none of these bits are actually the same.

Russel Peters has a unique style that gives him basically a free pass to say whatever he wants to. Articles about psychology, science, sex, Japan, skepticism….

But here, Robin Williams talks about the true interpretation of the Koran. Regardless, I am rating these videos with two criteria in mind: how funny they are, and how offensive they are.

In the first video, you see Walter talking about 72 virgins, and in the second, he talks about suicide bombers. Offensive indeed.

However, despite the fact that this video is basically an assembly of his most offensive joke, only at the end of it does he talk about Islam. Katt Williams discusses the absurdity of Islamic fanatics.

Top 10 of the funniest virgins jokes and puns

Articles about psychology, science, sex, Japan, skepticism, and other matters of public interest. Written by Ryo Mac Follow. Achmed is basically a big caricature of suicide bombers, and Dunham proves just how much original material there is to be had on this subject. Jeff Dunham is pretty much the only ventriloquist with any actual name recognition.

Activism Culture Ted Comedians Rankings.

The second video is what really pushed him to such a high rank, since he talks badly about Mohammed. Ryo Mac Follow. Tommy Tiernan first makes fun of Islamic music, and turns it into an Irish jig.

The first video begins after he talked at length about religious people, some of which you can see here if you want more context. Skeptikai Articles about psychology, science, sex, Japan, skepticism….

The second video has jokes about suicide bombers. So I was reluctant to put this video in… but under the criterion of how funny it is, it pushed it up in the rankings.

There are plenty comedians who deal with Judaism and Christianity; so much so, in fact, that a compilation like that would be gigantic. Under the criterion of offensiveness, this video would normally be ranked 1 — in fact, Jimmy Carr is known for his highly offensive comedy.

The first video shows some of the style of jokes that make him popular, making fun of several types of people at once — in this case, Jews, Arabs, and even deaf people.

But apparently, in an inspiring tale of French badassery, they not only published the original, but they drew a subsequent cartoon. However, nowhere on the internet has there been such a compilation of material on Islam, and I thought that was such a shame.